The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is coming soon! That means no more head jack, which means you might need a new pair of headphones (some great compatible headphones)–or a new case (our top 5 cases). But iOS 10 is coming to iPhones on September 13th. This new update brings a lot of cool new features that are apparent, like lock screen changes and a much need Apple Maps redesign.

However, a lot of the cool features that you will want to use are hidden within the usual minimalist design that Apple loves to use.

You might have heard of “Confetti” but how do you use it? What about invisible ink? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite new hidden iOS 10 features that are a bit tricky to find and use if you don’t know how.

Hidden iOS 10 Features

“Liking” Text Messages

Best Hidden iOS 10 Features

If you’ve been using Facebook at all lately, you might have noticed that people have begun to be able to “dislike” statuses, or have different reactions besides the simple “like” feature. Now, iMessage is doing the same thing to create a more reactionary iMessage experience.

To like, “haha”, love, or pick one of the other emotional reactions you just tap on the message text and hold a message to give your response. Just don’t get lazy and rely only on these.

Invisible Ink / Message Effects

Best Hidden iOS 10 Features

With the new iOS 10 update, you can now send invisible messages. These messages let you hide images to provide a bit more secrecy or build up to a surprise. Images are hidden by an array of dots, only revealed to the receiver when they swipe over them.

To send out invisible inked images, simply send an image, then right before you send it long press the blue send icon to pick invisible ink as an option. Keep in mind; this invisible ink feature doesn’t act like Snap Chat by deleting messages.

Replacing Text With Emoji

Best Hidden iOS 10 Features

If you love Emojis, you’ll love this feature! Simply open up your emojis as per usual with the globe icon, then all of the emoji detected words will be highlighted in gold. Then tap the words and your words will be transformed into Emojis faster than ever before!

Sending Memes

Best Hidden iOS 10 Features

You can now also send images you don’t even have on your phone, by tap-holding the Apple store icon within your text message panel. Here you can pick funny animated meme images in response to your friend’s messages.

Horizontal Draw Texting

Best Hidden iOS 10 Features

One of the coolest features of iOS 10 iMSG is that you can now send written text to people by turning your phone in a horizontal fashion. Simply write out what you want with your finger, then tap the right side to expand it into a longer message. Useful? Debatable. Cool? Definitely.

It even has some default messages to send and your previously drawn out words.

Unsubscribe from Emails

Best Hidden iOS 10 Features

Usually unsubscribing from emails is an annoying process since you have to root through them individually scrolling to the bottom clicking on absurdly small text. Now, you can simply unsubscribe from pesky emails in the default Mail app by tapping “unsubscribe” at the top of your emails.

Close all tabs

Best Hidden iOS 10 Features

If you have a ton of tabs open in Safari, you can now close them by long pressing the far right (tabs) icon on the bottom of the screen. This now gives you the ability to close ALL of your tabs. Holy shit, I had 50 open!

Share Notes

Best Hidden iOS 10 Features

Now you can share notes with your contacts. Tap the new “Share” button on the top of the screen and anyone you add can edit, remove, or change content! It’s like a mini form of Google Docs collaboration, perfect for grocery list building.