Yes–we all love Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, and Making a Murder too. These are great shows that have gotten a TON of attention, and rightfully so–but there are also some fantastic Netflix produced shows and original series that you might have missed on Netflix.

Lately, Netflix’s library is getting quite good–a far cry from what it was when it first came out (remember when the best content was foreign films? (Take The Robber for example).  The only bad part about it getting better is that there is more content to sift through and discover which can make it hard to find some great shows. Here are some of my favorite shows on Netflix right now that you NEED to check out.

One annoying part about Netflix’s expanding library is that there is more content to sift through and discover which can make it hard to find some great shows.

Another bad thing about Netflix is that not all of the content is available around the world. So if you live in Australia, China, or even Iran, your content will be restricted to that region. I recommend checking out ExpressVPN if you want to access United States content from a different location.

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Hidden Gems of Netflix 2016


Hidden Gems of Netflix 2016

Love is what you get what you take a hyper-realistic approach to what love might be in the modern world. On the surface level, this show features an ordinary Los Angeles setting with no-name actors and a generic plot.

However, once you give the show a chance, you’ll find that the show is anything but cliche. If you’re tired of sappy TV shows that present romance as some idealized notion, you might enjoy Love from Netflix. Why?

The show strives to break outside of what generally makes a romantic comedy or a dramatic coming-of-age love story with visceral dialogue and life-like realism. The show thrives on the constant conflict that is present in all of our lives. Sometimes things don’t work out the right way–sometimes sex toys cause sex to be boring–and sometimes, you don’t always get your dream job.

The show will make you cringe, perhaps cry, and it could even give your relationship a new perspective. The show begs the question, at what point do you give up on a relationship?


Hidden Gems of Netflix 2016

If you loved Breaking Bad, you should check out Narcos. The show is all about Pablo Escobar and the start of the Columbian drug trade. Imagine if Walt didn’t have cancer and took over New Mexico–and you have Narcos.

Comparing Narcos to Breaking Bad can only hold up for so long since Narcos tells an entirely different story. While Narcos and Breaking Bad share themes of power, family, and sacrifice, Narcos delves deeper into the history and politics of Columbia and the men who started a war. In the end, the show provides another fascinating portrayal of a good man gone bad.

If you love anti-heroes or experiencing a new setting, Narcos is a must watch. Wagner Moura completely steals the show.

Marco Polo

Hidden Gems of Netflix 2016

Just like Narcos, Marco Polo is a great show to watch if you want to get out of your typical setting. Marco Polo is set inside the Mongolian takeover of China focusing on Marco Polo–the famed explorer, and his exploits with Kublai Khan.

The show has plenty of twists and turns to keep you entertained, as well as great acting from the lead actors. It’s one of those shows where you can’t quite be sure what is going to happen next.

However, the show’s soundtrack, costumes, and real-life setting are the real beauty to behold. If you want to get immersed in war-time China, check out Marco Polo. Also, check out the small film “Hundred Eyes” which is a spinoff / prequel of one of the best characters in the show.

A blind monk who kicks ass? It never gets old.

Better Call Saul

Hidden Gems of Netflix 2016

In a lot of ways, Better Call Saul feels like Breaking Bad’s ugly little brother. But in more ways than one, I think that Better Call Saul goes well beyond its predecessor.

While Better Call Saul might not be as dark and twisted as Breaking Bad (no dissolving bodies in acid first season), the show does a better job of pacing the narrative. There isn’t 10-minute long intro scenes where you can’t tell what’s going on or whole episodes devoted to Walt and Skyler arguing. Instead, Better Call Saul takes an equally great character (Saul) and makes a smaller story feel just as important.

The story of Jimmy Mcgill– a lawyer at law, is rolled out in delicious manner that feels suspenseful, sad, and at times somewhat haunting.

Oh yeah, and if you love Mike, he’s here too.

Trailer Park Boys

Hidden Gems of Netflix 2016

You might have heard of this one, but you might have dismissed it already. Don’t do that.

It’s one of the best shows returning from the dead with the help of Netflix.

Trailer Park Boys is if you took the show “Friends”, slapped it into a trailer park, and gave everyone a copious amount of drugs. Except, it’s even funnier because each character in the show always manages to surprise you. Trailer Park Boys doesn’t take itself seriously, but this makes the characters seem much more realistic.

Whether it’s the trailer park supervisor getting drunk and blowing up a trailer, or Bubbles losing his cat collection, Trailer Park Boys excels at taking things to the extreme and giving each character a weird eccentricity. Every season follows the same pattern but manages to deliver comedy gold from characters that are so ridiculous you can’t help but love them!


Did we miss any hidden gems of Netflix? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for checking out this article on the best Netflix TV shows you may have missed!