The Herman Miller Aeron and Herman Miller Embody are some of the best and admittedly most expensive ergonomic office chairs on the market. Both chairs are well respected among the ergonomic chair admirers out there, like myself.

But why you should you get one over the other? How are the chairs different? Let’s find out!

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The clearest difference between the two chairs is the price. You can get the Herman Miller Aeron for around $950 or so on Amazon. The Herman Miller Embody goes for $1260 on Amazon for the basic model. This is around $300 dollars in a price increase.


Herman Miller Aeron vs Herman Miller Embody Herman Miller Aeron vs Herman Miller Embody

Both the Herman Miller Aeron and Embody have good back support. However, the design is quite different between the two.

The Aeron uses a traditional mesh ergonomic back with a sturdy metal frame to hold the mesh tight. You can get a traditional lumbar pad or the posture fit lumbar pad to support your lower back. The mesh is very well designed and quite good for your back, but I found that the lumbar support is a bit clunky with the Aeron–almost like you don’t need it.

The Embody uses a pixelated back support system that is more automatic and less adjustable. The chair’s back is suppose to support your every inch of your back like a human spine, and the result is quite good.

Herman Miller Aeron vs Herman Miller Embody

However, the fit might not be quite as good as the Aeron since the chair only comes in one size and the integrated lumbar isn’t that adjustable. However, tall users like MKBHD seem to like the chair, and the chair works well for short users as well.

Personally I think since the Embody uses fabric for the backrest as well as the unique pixel design on the back, that it provides a more intuitive back support than the Aeron’s mesh back support. The recline system is also a bit better since it just lets you lean back at will, whereas the Aeron uses more of a locking system.

Seat Panel

The Aeron uses a mesh seat panel with a metal edge, whereas the Embody uses a similar pixel system inside the back support. I prefer fabric seats like the Embody, but the mesh seat panel of the Aeron can be good if  you get a sweaty bum.

However, the mesh seat of the Aeron does get a bit “firm” after a while, and you can’t sit on your foot or anything without it being super uncomfortable. Here I think the Embody is also a better choice, but if you like mesh, the Aeron is very ergonomic and comfortable as well.

Materials Used

Again, do you want mesh or fabric? This is a big difference both in terms of how the chair looks and performs. Mesh is better for hot environments or if you like the more traditional mesh chair look. The Embody is definitely


Which is the better chair? If you are on a budget, just get the Aeron since it’s a completely solid ergonomic office chair. However, if you want slightly better design and comfort, the extra 200-300$ is worth it for the Embody’s premium look and feel.

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