There are many web hosting services for WordPress that currently offer their services to clients, but two of them stand above the rest. We are, of course, talking about Bluehost and Hostgator.

Their name has reputation to themselves, and when you are using them, you know that you are getting the best quality. That goes for both, service, as well as support. And that goes for both companies, that are also owned by the same group. The owners obviously know what they are doing, and the quality has withstood the test of time.

Many users are being told to try out these companies, and happy customers are also pretty quick to promote the services further. Thanks to that popularity, the company decided to use the names of Bluehost and HostGator in India.

They made an Indian version of these platforms and gave them the names Bluehost India, and HostGator India. However, these two new versions do not use the same infrastructure. Instead, the company used a reseller club hosting, and just changed its name.

Now, we are not saying that these new versions are bad. However, they are not the original Bluehost/HostGator. That can pose quite a problem, especially since people are buying their hosting from Bluehost India, but not realizing that.

They often end up thinking that they have the original Bluehost hosting, and then they wonder why does it differ from what they see in tutorials. And this does not happen by accident or carelessness. Instead, all those from India that wish to access Bluehost are getting redirected. They are sent back to Bluehost India, which is a method that many companies use.

Once again, we do not say that this version is bad. However, it is different, and it might not include what the users want. So, that is why we have prepared this guide, that will help you correct the mistake. By following it, you will successfully delete your Bluehost India hosting, and with full refund too.

You can easily do this because Bluehost India also offers 30 days of money back guarantee. As long as you are still within the first month of your hosting purchase, you will get your money back. This is for people who insist on using the regular version of Bluehost. If you are fine with having an Indian hosting account, then there is no reason why you should not keep it.

How to delete Bluehost India account

Before we start with the steps that you need to take, here are some things that you should know:

  • You can only cancel your hosting package
  • The domain that you have made will stay with Bluehost India. However, since you can change the name servers so that they are pointing to another hosting, this should not remain a problem for long.
  • After 60 days, you will easily transfer the domain to any domain registrar that you want.
  • If you somehow did not notice in time that you are on Bluehost India instead of the regular one, you have maybe already made a website. If so, backup it before canceling.

Now that you are aware of these things, we can start with the instructions on how to do this.

Start by going to the Bluehost India and logging into its control panel. Then, in the top left corner, you will find a Manage Order. In the menu, find a List/Search Orders option. Next, select the name of the domain that you want to cancel.

Hit Delete Order, and then Proceed.

After your request receives validation, the deletion will continue. You now have 15 days to contact the support team via live chat and confirm that you want to delete your domain. If you fail to confirm it in the 15 days, they will deny your request.

You might, however, find that their live chat needs quite a lot of time to establish a connection. Many users wait for over 15 minutes, and they still don’t get through.

Others have taken to calling the support team via phone. The phone number that the support team offers is 0824-661-4333. However, when the support team picked up, they asked users to call the sales team on a different number (022-712-21660). If you decide to call, they will probably tell you to do the same thing that we already explained above.

They might also insist that you contact them through a live chat. You can always try once more since it doesn’t seem that you will get much further this way either. That is pretty much when and where the waiting game starts. With a bit of luck, they will connect you soon. When they do, it probably won’t take you more than five minutes to submit a request to the operator, who will then start the process of deletion.

How to get a refund

After canceling your order, the money will return to your account on Bluehost India. You can return it to your bank account by going to My Billing, and then proceed to Withdraw Funds.

If you don’t want the money to go back to the bank, that is fine too. You can, perhaps, use it for buying new domains or renewing old ones.

If you do wish to get your money back to the bank, simply type in the amount that you wish to withdraw, and hit Process Refund. You will submit your request this way, and the billing team of Bluehost India will process it soon enough. They will return the money to the same account from which it originally came from, so that is where you can expect it.

They will also notify you via email of both, the account deletion, as well as refund withdrawal.


The process of deleting your account is not that difficult, as you can see. The hardest part is to actually get a connection via live chat. Bluehost India is still pretty popular, and those who don’t mind getting used to its new interface and offers can use it without issues.

If, however, you still wish to proceed and go to the original Bluehost, this guide should help you out. Hopefully, it will, and you will finally get what you paid for.

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