Hip pain can be a real nuisance if you’re just trying to relax and enjoy some games. Or if you’re trying to be competitive, you don’t want to worry about hip problems. The only thing is that hip pain can be a real problem and if you don’t take care of it, it could lead to health problems which prove to be more than a simple nuisance.

So today, we are here to help you find the best office chair to get rid of hip pain, as well as give you some good tips on some exercises.

Helpful TIP:

If you have hip pain, it could also be due to your mattress. Consider checking out some of the best foam mattresses that can  help you with your hip pain. For me, once I got a good mattress and a good chair, my hip pain was much better.

Chair Features to Get Rid of Hip Pain

To have a chair that helps reduce hip pain as good as possible, you’ll need to make sure that you fit in your chair and that it has some features to help you remain mobile. When a chair is static, this is when you start developing pain since your muscles and joints get stiff from sitting in one position. So what features and adjustments do you need?

-Adjustable Seat Depth

One of the most important features you need from an office chair is an adjustable seat depth. An adjustable seat depth lets you configure how deep or “out” the seat panel is. With chairs that have this feature, you can slide the seat forward or back depending on the length of your legs. If you have a chair that doesn’t have this feature, you might find that the seat is too long or short for your legs which can cause hip or leg pain after long sitting hours.

-Seat Height

Another important feature is the seat height adjustment. Most chairs have this feature, fortunately, since it’s not that hard to accomplish with a simple gas chamber insert into the base of the chair. This makes sure that you get the right height from the ground, and you want your legs to be roughly at a right angle with your hips to reduce hip pain.

-Tilt Adjustments / Recline

Finally, my most important needed feature to reduce hip pain from an office chair is good recline ability. This means that your chair will need some synchro-tilt feature which allows your seat panel and back panel to adjust accordingly (without moving the seat panel upwards to mess up the ideal 90-degree hip alignment).

Unfortunately, most bargain priced chairs don’t offer good recline ability at all, and it’s something only really found in ergonomic chairs. If you aren’t aware, however, reclining is very important for reducing hip and back pain during long sitting periods.

Scientifically, it’s proven that sitting up completely straight isn’t ideal. Most studies, like this one, have come to one conclusion: The researchers found that the upright position, at 90 degrees, caused disks to move the most, while the relaxed position (135 degrees) caused disks to move the least. In other words, the upright position is the worst for the back, while the relaxed position is the best.”

Best Chairs for Reducing Hip Pain

So what are the best chairs for getting rid of hip pain? I’ve picked the best chairs from the most expensive to the least expensive in the following list below. 

Both of these chairs have all of the mandatory ergonomic adjustments I just listed with full seat, arm, and back adjustments as well as great recline abilities to keep your back and hips moving and fluid.

#1 Best Option – Steelcase Leap

What is a Good Office Chair for Hip Pain?

The Steelcase Leap is an expensive chair, but it’s worth it. The back flexes and moves to keep your back comfortable, and the chair’s seat and back adjust according to the pressure you put on it ensuring that you stay comfortable and limber throughout the day preventing hip pain.

For our full thoughts on the Steelcase Leap, check out the in depth Steelcase Leap review.

What is a Good Office Chair for Hip Pain?

#2 Great Option – Ergohuman Chair

What is a Good Office Chair for Hip Pain?

Second only to the Steelcase Leap is the Ergohuman chair. This chair might lack some of the advanced technology of the Steelcase Leap, as well as some of the premium build quality, but for a lower price, this chair still packs some serious power. The chair has an adjustable headrest which is quite good, and the back parts of the chair can be individually adjusted.

For an in-depth look at the Ergohuman Chair, check out our Ergohuman Chair review.

What is a Good Office Chair for Hip Pain?


#3 Budget Option – Alera Chair

What is a Good Office Chair for Hip Pain?

If you want to reduce your hip pain, but you’re on a strict budget, you have limited options. However, the Alera Elusion Series chair is one of the few low-cost office chairs with enough options to reduce your hip pain. The reason is that the chair comes with a wide range of adjustments to customize it to your body.

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Exercises to Reduce Hip Pain

So what are some good exercises to reduce hip pain? My favorite one is to sit down or lean back and then put my leg out straight. From here I can rotate my leg and bottom to stretch out my hips. Another good one is to squat down onto your knees and hold that position out. Thirdly I would recommend following some of these exercises here from this infographic to reduce hip pain:

What is a Good Office Chair for Hip Pain?