If you are a heavy person, you might find it hard to get comfortable in a chair. The reason is that most cheap chairs aren’t designed with sturdy materials to support heavy weight. If you don’t spend that much on your chair, it means that over time, cushion becomes little more than a thin layer between yourself, wood, and cheap aluminum.

I like to think of office chairs like beds. Or maybe even a good computer. If you skimp, you are going to notice the difference. Sometimes it’s better to spend money on quality instead of quantity since you get a much better experience overall. I would rather spend $900 on an amazing chair that has a ten-year warranty (and WILL actually last that long) than buy a $100 chair every year for 9 years that hurts my back every time I sit in it. But, that’s just me, though.

A lot of people don’t need expensive or good chairs since they might sit in their office chair for an hour a day. But if you’re like me, someone who lives and breathes on their chair (for gaming and working) you need something a little bit better than an Ikea chair made out of styrofoam.

In this article, I’m going to give you some QUALITY chair recommendations specifically designed for a heavy person so you can finally be comfortable in your chair.

#1 Steelcase Leap

What is a Good Office Chair for a Heavy Person?

The Steelcase Leap has a weight limit of 300 LBs, and the Leap Plus model supports people up to 500 LBs. The chair might be a bit expensive, but the technology inside the chair is above almost any other office chair. If you have back pain, the “LiveBack” spine of the chair is flexible, so if you leave back or change posture you will still be supported.

The back is also very breathable with special foam and slats in the back, so if you’re heavy and sweat a lot, this is a good option. Besides that, you have adjustable lumbar, adjustable lower back firmness, seat depth adjustments, upper back force adjustment, and some of the best adjustable arms on the market.

The Steelcase Leap is a popular chair for most users, but it’s also an amazing chair for heavy users since it’s breathable, has a big weight limit, and it’s just sturdy as hell.

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What is a Good Office Chair for a Heavy Person?

#2 DXRacer King Series

What is a Good Office Chair for a Heavy Person?

A lot of people have problems with DXRacer chairs since they find the pillows uncomfortable, or they think the chair is too hard–but the good news is that the DXRacer King Series is one BIG chair, making it perfect for heavy people under 425 LBs. I myself reviewed the Sentinel here, and I LOVED the look of the chair as well as the sleek feel of the fabric.

If you don’t want an ergonomic chair like the Steelcase Leap, but something more flashy, and you aren’t so concerned about lumbar support, or fancy arms, the DXRacer King Series is a great option since you can recline and watch movies, use it as a console gaming chair, or just show it off on your stream. However, if you’re in a hot area, or prone to overheating, I’d check out the Leap or the Herman Miller Embody since they are super breathable chairs.

What is a Good Office Chair for a Heavy Person?

#3 Herman Miller Embody

What is a Good Office Chair for a Heavy Person?

In many ways, the Embody is the pinnacle of office chairs for a heavy person. It’s got a 300 LB weight limit, a pixel constructed back design that supports every part of your back and a breathable and durable fabric.

The chair is built to support you in many positions from upright to reclined and the chair actually encourages movement since it’s flexible and the chair doesn’t use lock type levers like some other chairs. Even popular tech critic MKBHD uses it.

What is a Good Office Chair for a Heavy Person?

#4 Alera Chair

What is a Good Office Chair for a Heavy Person?

While the Alera lacks some of the price point of the other chairs, and it might not contain the same premium parts or longevity, it still has a ton of adjustments that makes it a great chair for heavier users.

Why is the Alera chair a good choice? Even though it’s cheap it has a lot of ergonomic adjustments not seen in most chairs around this price point. The Alera chair has a multifunction mechanism that lets you tilt, lock positions, adjustable arms, and the seat even has a waterfall edge that reduces pressure on your legs. It’s not my favorite looking chair, but it even has a mesh back to keep you cool.

Basically, a lot of people call this the poor man’s Aeron, and I find that to be mostly true.

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What is a Good Office Chair for a Heavy Person?


Finding a good office or gaming chair can be hard, especially if you are tall or heavy–believe me, I know (see my chair journey here).

But don’t give up! Sure $100 chairs from OfficeDepot or Ikea might feel horrible, but these chairs are meant for average-sized people who don’t spend hardly any time in the chairs to notice how uncomfortable they are!