If you’re close to 6’3” like I am, you know how important a good gaming chair is. Because, at the end of the day, most gaming chairs don’t fit tall people. I’d say most gaming chairs fit anyone between 5’6” to 5’10”. However, how do we define gaming chair?

Are we talking about cheap office chairs that can be used for gaming, or are we talking about DXRacer gaming chairs?

For me, a good gaming chair is one I can use for long periods of time for gaming, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a racing style bucket seat chair. In fact, some of the best gaming chairs for tall people aren’t bucket styled gaming chairs pulled straight out of a racing car.

In this article, I’ll go over some of the best chairs that provide good gaming chair experiences for tall people. These chairs might be a bit pricey, but keep in mind that cheaper chairs lack the adjustments that us tall people need for a good gaming experience!

#1 Steelcase Leap

What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

If you want the best ergonomic gaming chair experience, you need to check out the Steelcase Leap. The reason I recommend it for a tall gamer is that the chair is so adjustable.

Unlike other chairs that lock the seat to the back of the chair, the Leap lets you lean back, and when you do so, the seat part of the chair moves forward and stays horizontal, whereas other chairs have the seat also angle itself.

The Leap can also be adjusted with adjustable lumbar support, arms that can go up/down as well as side to side, back tension adjustment, and other features to boot.

This is my main chair, and since I’m a tall gamer, I can’t help but recommend it. It has a 10-year warranty, which gives you some indication of how durable and reliable the chair is. 

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What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

#2 Embody

What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

The Embody is perfect for tall gamers since, like the Leap, it has adjustable lumbar support, arms, and seat depth. Tall tech critics like MKBHD frequently use the chair and recommend it, which is a good sign.

The chair is pricey, but it probably has some of the most advanced chair components to push chair design forward. The back is made out of interlocking pixels which support every part of your back even through movement.
What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

#3 Ergohuman Chair

What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

The Ergohuman chair is a unique ergonomic chair perfect for gamers who are taller than average. This chair allows you to adjust not only the lumbar support, but also the upper back portion. Both parts are adjustable individually!

The chair also features an adjustable seat panel, adjustable arms, and synchro-tilt which makes reclining in this chair supportive and super comfortable. The headrest is perfect for long gaming sessions!

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What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

#4,5,6 DXRacer King, DXRacer Sentinel, DXRacer Tank

What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?


With DXRacer you have three options. The King, the Sentinel, or the Tank Chair.

DXRacer chairs are great gaming chairs to get for tall people since they specifically make chairs for tall or heavier users. The King is one example, and it is made to fit people up to 300 LB who are under 6’3”.

The DXRacer King chair is super wide and very tall, and when you are building it, you most likely will need two people since all of the parts are so giant. This chair is a BEAST, and it can recline and last for a while since it’s built to be sturdy and comfortable with high-quality leather materials.

The DXRacer Sentinel chair is slightly more massive than the DXRacer King since it supports weights up to 350 LB and a max height of 6’5”. I did a DXRacer Sentinel review here, and I found that the chair was tall enough with a good amount of headroom for my head and shoulders. Like the King and DXRacer tank, this is a solid chair for extra tall–extra heavy gamers.

The DXRacer Tank chair is made for the biggest of all gamers, with a max height of 6’7” and a weight limit of 450 LB. This is one massive and heavy hair, perfect for tall gamers who like a lot of room and a lot of heavy duty support. It really is made for tanks.

What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

#7 Nucleus

What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

The HON Nucleus is one sexy looking chair. I like the chair for tall people since it has a high back with fabric that molds to your back shape. In addition, the chair also has a wide range of adjustments seen only in high-end ergonomic chairs. I would deem this the BEST ergonomic chair under a crazy expensive price tag. It might not last 10-20 years like a Steelcase Leap, but it’ll be good for at least 5+ years with good comfort the entire time. 

The Nucleus is still more expensive than the average office chair, but it’s a crazy good deal for what you get since you get excellent recline options, tilt lock control, and adjustable arms. Check out our HON Nucleus review


What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

#8 Alera Chair

What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

While the Alera chair doesn’t top best seller lists on Amazon, it’s one of the oldest chairs with good reviews on Amazon. The chair has a good price range and it has a TON of ergonomic functions you wouldn’t normally see in a chair at this price. Most reviewers find that the chair is better for taller or bigger individuals since it can be too big for shorter users.

The Alera chair has a multifunction mechanism that lets you tilt, lock positions, adjustable arms, and the seat even has a waterfall edge that reduces pressure on your legs. It even has a mesh back to keep you cool. Basically, a lot of people call this the poor man’s Aeron, and I find that to be mostly true.

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What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?