Finding a good ergonomic chair can be like finding the holy grail. At times, it seems like an impossible task when comparing things like your budget, size, weight, and preferences.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the budget is the most important factor to consider and while it does limit your experience greatly (the more expensive of a chair, the better adjustments, support, and warranties you will get it–with an office chair, you truly get what you pay for).

In this article, I’m going to give you best ergonomic chair under 100 that I can find. Just keep in mind that these ergonomic chairs are ergonomic the same way that a Honda Civic is a racing car. If you do have a bit more money to spend, I will encourage you to check out this ergonomic office chair guide.

Best Ergonomic Chairs Under $100

#1 Furmax Gaming Chair


Either you like the look of gaming chairs, or you don’t–but if you do, this is one of the best ergonomic chairs under the $100 price range. It has a high-back which makes it good for taller users as well as a 330LB weight limit. The ergonomic design of the chair lets you rock back and forth, and there is even a 6-month warranty for missing parts.

I love how you can swivel the arms out of the way which is a unique feature among office and ergonomic and even gaming chairs. This is a great chair for working, playing games, or even just playing guitar since the arms won’t get in the way.


#2 OFM Posture Series


The OFM Posture Series is one of the most ergonomic office chairs you can buy under $100. It has built in lumbar support, fully upholstered fabric, 250 LB weight capacity, the ability to adjust height, back height, and back pitch adjustments.

I’m surprised this chair has so many adjustments since you only see so many in more expensive office chairs. This is WITHOUT a doubt the best ergonomic office chair with amazing reviews under $100 if you don’t want or need armrests.


#3 Offex HL-0001


The Offex HL-001 is a heavy duty ergonomic chair just around the $100 price tag. With this chair, you can control various adjustments like back angle, tilt control, and seat light. The chair also has a mesh back to keep you cool, and a padded foam mesh seat.

The arms are also adjustable. User reviews of this chair are very positive complementing how the chair encourages ergonomic posture.


#4 Amazon Basics


Amazon Basics has some pretty good products, and their basic office chair is one of the most sold chairs on Amazon. It has the traditional office chair look nailed to a tee, so if you want something more traditional, this is a good affordable option. The chair has a 225 LB weight limit, a padded seat, height adjustment, and an ergonomic design.


Tom Spark
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