Long gaming sessions or long work sessions from home can create some serious fatigue, especially in the neck, hip, and back. Most $100 gaming chairs or office chairs from Ikea like the Ikea Markus, lack quality construction, adjustability, and most importantly–neck support.

The only bad news is that to get a chair that will help you with your neck pain you might have to spend a bit more money. But the good news is that this money will be a great investment. I’ve had my Steelcase Leap chair since 2001 after all.

One of the best features that you will need to prevent neck pain is a chair that has a neck support or headrest. But you will also need plenty of adjustments to make sure that the chair fits right. If you can’t get a good fit, you will find that the chair gives you neck pain. Whether you’re trying to get some work done from home, or playing some games with your friends, you need a good chair.

So which is the best chair for neck pain?

#1 Ergohuman Chair


What is a Good Chair for Neck Pain?

My favorite recommendation for people who have neck pain is the Ergohuman chair. Perhaps the most defining feature about this chair is the adjustable back which has two separate parts to adjust along a rail system (which allows you to customize the chair depending on your height), but the chair is the only chair under the $1000 range with a decent adjustable headrest.

Most other chairs below this price point are going to have a severe lack of quality parts and comfort. The Ergohuman chair has a good warranty, and other adjustments like adjustable seat depth, arms, and chair height make for an ideal ergonomic experience.

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What is a Good Chair for Neck Pain?

#2 Steelcase Leap

What is a Good Chair for Neck Pain?

My second recommendation for someone who has neck pain would be the Steelcase Leap. While this chair is more expensive and doesn’t automatically come with a headrest, it’s still a very very good chair.

The back support is super flexible and supportive, and the chair has the best recline features out of any chair I’ve seen since the chair uses what the company calls a natural glide system (the back goes back, and the bottom seat moves forward).

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What is a Good Chair for Neck Pain?

Tips for Reducing Neck Pain in your Chair

Make sure your arms are at a 90-degree angle, with your feet firmly on the ground with a 90 angle with your hips (in upright position).

However, when you recline it’s okay for this angle to be different but you want your knees roughly at the same height as your hips.

For your back, you want to sit into your chair to have each part supported. In chairs that can’t recline, you’ll notice that the small of your back will have a gap if you recline or hunch too much which can create stiffness in that area.

If you’re hunching over too much and experiencing neck pain, make sure that the top of your monitor is roughly eye level. You want your screen to be fairly high up (this is why Laptops aren’t very ergonomic).