You might be thinking of getting a gaming chair, but there is a question that won’t stop popping into your mind: “is getting a gaming chair worth it?”.

I would say–without a doubt, YES. Unless, you are looking for something more traditionally styled (in that case, check out ergonomic chairs).

Gaming chairs can be expensive–no doubt about it. In fact, gaming as a hobby can be pretty expensive in some ways. Gaming computers can cost upwards of $1000 for a powerful machine, and games nowadays cost $100 for complete DLC packages.

Is a Gaming Chair Worth it?

Of course, gaming isn’t as expensive as some hobbies–like horseback riding, or snowboarding. Most gaming equipment that you will buy will last you for years, and it has many different purposes. For example, your gaming chair will work just as good for work as it does for play if you get the right chair.

So what do gaming chairs bring to the table anyway?

Gaming Chairs have Enhanced Comfort

Is a Gaming Chair Worth it?

If you’re looking to get a gaming chair, you might be the sort of gamer to either work from home for long hours, or you might be the sort that has some serious game time. Whether you need to code for 8 hours, or raid for 8 hours, or just rank up in LoL, you need good back support.

Most $100 chairs from office depot will be ok for 1-2 hours of use a day, but these chairs not only look ugly and plain, but they don’t function well for long hours of use. The reason is that most of the time they come in a one size fit all design, so if you’re extra tall, heavy, or short, you might find that the chair just never manages to “fit” right.

Gaming brands like DXRacer have a ton of different options for each size of gamer, and while it can get confusing, I’ve distilled the sizes and heights in an easy to understand table here in the DXRacer Master Guide.

But size isn’t everything. Sometimes if you want better support and comfort throughout the day, you just need to shell out the cash to get better build quality. Brands like DXRacer are built like tanks, and they use firm foam to support you throughout the day whereas other cheaper chairs just wear down after a few months.

Or if you’re more of a console gamer, you might want to get a chair that has more of a relaxed experience made for more immersive gaming. If you don’t have room for a couch, or you want a portable solution, you should check out our guide on the best gaming chairs with speakers.

Gaming Chairs have Cool Design!

Is a Gaming Chair Worth it?

Gaming chairs generally have cool designs.

Whether you want the classic DXRacer style chair with wings and cutouts in the headboard, or perhaps something different (check out some great DXRacer alternatives), you can find something that either stands out in your stream or just makes your man cave “pop” out a bit more.

Once you have gaming chair, it becomes a source of pride, and it can look AWESOME next to your gaming rig.Here’s another guide I wrote on some of the coolest looking chairs I could find.