You want to start a blog. Great! The world deserves to hear what you have to say. But first, you need a website. And a website requires a domain name and hosting space. That sounds like a lot of money and platforms like WordPress seem like a good free avenue for your masterclass in writing.

Three things.

  • WordPress comes with tons of limitations.
  • It doesn’t project professionalism
  • A paid host doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg
  • So, while we have plenty of articles pointing you towards reliable, WordPress compatible hosting companies, let’s first further discuss while these free platforms will ultimately hurt your website.



We’ve all played that “FREE” phone game that plays super great for 12 hours, right? And then suddenly you’re out of “energy.” But you don’t have to be. Not for a simple $1.50.

These websites work the same way. The “Basics” are included until they start nickel and diming you towards paying WAY more than if you’d just paid for a proper platform like BlueHost.

“That’s a great background you have there! How about this almost identical one that has 5 photo windows instead of 4? That’ll be $1, please.”

“Loving your header font? How about this cooler, skinnier, more sleek and popular font with no shadow? It’s just a measly 50 cents.”

And on and on and on and on…


A WebHost that doesn’t charge means you’re more at risk of their site shutting down OR choose to start charging a ridiculous amount at any point. If one of these happens, you’ll be forced to move all of your content.

All of your promotion towards your specific links and articles will have gone to waste completely. With the free service shut down there will be no possible way to forward your old links to our new ones.


That great blog with all of your personal anecdotes? Those funny stories that would make a PERFECT TV show or novel if just the right someone happened to read it? Well. They’re NOT YOURS.

Free hosts do NOT allow you to sell, share, and/or transfer your blog to another person.

Specifically, blogspot’s terms of services reads:

“No Resale of the Service. Unless expressly authorized in writing by Google, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes (a) any portion of the Service, (b) use of the Service, or (c) access to the Service.”


The amount of server resources available to someone using a free webhost are extremely limited. If your blog starts to get an incredible amount of traffic, and knowing you, it will, the chance that it will crash is very likely.

For example, if your blog gets linked to Digg or Reddit and starts to make the way up the popular chain, A LOT of eyes are going to be on your page. This is a good thing! Except a free webhost doesn’t have the money or motivation to bolster their servers. So down goes your blog and down go the votes.

Even if it doesn’t crash, WordPress and similar platforms are infamous for slowness and lag. If there’s one thing that will kill a viewer’s interest, it’s a slow response time.


Hacking used to seem like something both silly and for geniuses. NEO typing in his grimy apartment. But now it’s a hobby. Celebrities, popular websites, and apparently elections are all hacked by practical hobbyists. Why risk having a random dude on 4/Chan get through to your website?

Free web hosts will do nothing to protect you. They, again, don’t have the money or resources for strong firewalls. This puts your words and date at complete risk. All of which is unnecessary. vs.

You may see some websites advertising free domains. You may think, “AWESOME! That stupid reviewer totally didn’t see this loophole coming.” Ah, but we did. DO NOT PURCHASE A

A is only a subdomain. If you’re looking to purchase a domain, a is more in line with what you want. A is an approved Top Level Domain (TLD). allows you to OWN what you want to buy. means you’re at someone else’s mercy. This means they can close or shut down your or their own service at any time.

All we’re trying to do here is minimize the amount of risks you take. The internet is our favorite, bestest, most dangerous place and you need to keep you and your product safe.

Best Paid Web Hosts in Comparison?

Okay that’s a little misleading. Reason #7 is actually just me telling you to find a cheap, reliable service like the ones listed in our table for all of your web hosting needs. There is no real reason not to protect yourself.

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