If you have a Trezor to hold onto your sweet sweet Bitcoin, then good on you! It’s an amazingly secure device to store your Bitcoin in. However, while it’s quite smart and secure, it can definitely be a royal pain in the arse!

One reason is that every once in awhile you’ll have to update it to keep the device secure and working. It’s also a bit tricky to setup and configure but that’s a small price to pay for the enhanced security right?

So–Trezor updates! Well, sure, updates are fine if they actually work. Lately, I’ve been having trouble updating my Trezor device and I’ve found a “fix” (didn’t actually work for me so I bought a KeepKey) after contacting Trezor support.

My problem with updating my Trezor device happens when I hold both buttons and connect the Trezor to my computer. When I hold the buttons this way, the device driver can’t connect to the computer. If I don’t hold the buttons and use the Trezor normally, it works fine. So what’s the issue?

Here is the error message I got: “The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.”

So what’s the fix?!

How to Fix Trezor Driver Issue:

As informed by a Trezor support member, there “is a small problem with TREZOR Bootloader 1.3.0, which prevents the device from being properly recognized if a user holds the device buttons pressed for a longer-than-necessary amount of time. The problem can be resolved by pressing the buttons only for a short amount of time (click) when entering Bootloader mode.”

I would suggest trying these instructions:

1) Plug micro-USB into TREZOR.

2) Align USB-A to a port on your computer.

3) Plug the USB-A into your computer. At the same time, click both buttons on your TREZOR. If you hold the two buttons too long, you won’t be able to get it to work. Strangely enough, it’s almost like a game. If you time it right, it just might work!

4) The device should boot up in Bootloader mode, and the computer should recognize it.

5) If the computer does not recognize your TREZOR, please try again. Timing is essential.

6) Windows users, please check Device Manager if TREZOR is not recognized repeatedly.

Trezor Alternatives?

How to Fix Trezor "Driver Malfunctioned Computer Does Not Recognize Device "

If you’re just fed up with Trezor, perhaps check out this Bitcoin hardware wallet on Amazon with good reviews. For the record, I could never manage to actually update my Trezor, so I switched to KeepKey.

The Keepkey Hardware wallet is a bit different than Trezor since it allows you to exchange code pairings within the app itself which means you can shift between various other cryptocurrencies. It also has a larger display screen with better font than Trezor and a sleeker design.

We even reviewed it here!