In this DXRacer vs. Steelcase Leap comparison, I will look at both types of chairs to help you understand which to get. These are two very different chairs with different design choices that lead to two different experiences, even if the companies behind the chairs share similar mottos and goals for a better ergonomic sitting experience. So which chair is better, and for whom?

For this article, I’ll be using the DXRacer Sentinel Chair and the Steelcase Leap V1 chair. The DXRacer Sentinel is fairly similar to what most would consider the quintessential “DXRacer chair experience” whereas the V1 Leap chair is the basic ergonomic offering from Leap (improved a bit in the V2 model with the sleeker design, but the main sitting experience is similar).

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DXRacer vs Steelcase Leap

Comfort – DXRacer vs Steelcase Leap

DXRacer vs Steelcase Leap

The DXRacer and Steelcase Leap have huge differences in how comfortable they are. The DXRacer has more of a relaxed comfort zone that lets you sit in the chair how you want, versus the Leap which has a specific yet adaptable sitting position that works best. Both chairs are very comfortable, but different.

The DXRacer chairs are very firm, and the padding is very supportive but not too hard. The materials used in the chairs (often leather or fake sturdy leather) feel great on your skin, and the recline options are plentiful. It’s a great lounging chair, and I liked the experience for watching movies and playing games with a controller (even in the front of the TV).The DXRacer also comes with pillows and a high back, whereas the Leap does not. 

But the lumbar support pillow from the DXRacer didn’t feel useful or comfortable to me, but the headrest was nice. However, I found sitting that far back made my neck a bit stiff whereas the position in the leap didn’t so much. The Leap’s back support is curved, and the lumbar support is embedded into the back of the chair with an adjustable knob. I think the Leap’s back design is almost revolutionary since it holds my back PERFECTLY. 

DXRacer vs Steelcase Leap

Using old jacket to protect against rough fabric of V1

The Leap is different since I prefer using it to actually getting work done and using keyboard + mouse since it doesn’t have as many wings on the side (some DXRacer models like the Boss series have fewer wings and ridges on the chair like a more traditional office chair) and it doesn’t require that I use the armrests whereas the DXRacer feels built to require armrests (the wings on the side of the chair force your arms forward a bit). If you aren’t using the armrests, you have to rest your arms on the colored piping of the chair which can get uncomfortable after a time.

The Leap is also much more cushioned and it feels softer when you sit in it, even if the material is also very sturdy and reliable. The DXRacer padding feels–well, more like a racing chair and the Leap feels more like a super high quality cushioned office chair.

One of my favorite things about the Leap is how the seat moves forward, and the back can hold itself up via tension. This means you can lean back to recline, or lean forward to incline and work. The DXRacer has a tilt function which is similar, but the angle of the backrest is locked, and you have to adjust it every time you want to change positions–which feels a bit stiff. But that also means that the DXRacer has better recline abilities which is why I like it for movies or controller gaming.

Build Quality – DXRacer vs. Steelcase Leap

DXRacer vs Steelcase Leap

Both the DXRacer and Steelcase Leap have great build quality. Each chair has great padding, and decent build quality, but there are a few differentiators.

The DXRacer is limited by the budget in some areas, and you will find a lot of the material on the chair is held together by staples, and the arms of the chair feel sub-par and cheap with their finicky locking and adjustment mechanisms. The recline switch and spring is SUPER strong and sometimes frighteningly so, so make sure to use the lever slowly.

The Steelcase Leap V1’s cloth is a bit scratchy since it feels wooly and is probably made that way for durability (I have permanently attached an old windbreaker to save my arms from getting a rash). This issue seems to be fixed in the V2 where the fabric is nicer, however. The DXRacer’s build materials and the fabric feels great on the body but can get a bit sweaty since it’s leather or fake leather (some DXRacer’s do use polyurethane, however).

DXRacer vs Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap’s technology is more advanced with how the seat and back can be moved in sync automatically with your pressure on the chair. The Leap also has more adjustments like the angle of the seat, back tension (adjustable lumbar support in the V2), and the arms are more easily adjustable (but the DXRacer Sentinel does have 4D arms that can move forward and back, whereas this feature doesn’t exist in the V1, only side to side).

Each chair, however, is built like a tank and should last more a long time!

Style – DXRacer vs. Steelcase Leap

DXRacer vs Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap has a cool back design, but everything about the chair just looks standard regarding how office chairs look. The V2 version of the Leap is improved since it’s sleeker, but depending on what you want for your interior design–choosing the Leap since it is just another office chair this could be a good thing.

DXRacer vs Steelcase Leap

The DXRacer Sentinel and most DXRacer chairs have a bigger and more bold appearance with bright coloring and high backs which give the chairs considerable size. These chairs seem huge especially if you get the bigger models like the Sentinel, Tank, or King series.

The DXRacer chairs have becoming a streaming/gaming icon, and for a good reason. The strong looking support, pillows, ridges, and wings, give the chair a formidable appearance. The Leap is also a well-known office chair icon, however, and the V2 looks very sleek in most offices, whereas the V1 looks more like a standard plain office chair.

Price – DXRacer vs. Steelcase Leap

This one is simple. The DXRacer Sentinel is around $450-500+ with tax, and a brand new Steelcase Leap is $900-1000 with tax. The Sentinel and other cheaper DXRacer chairs win here, but if you have the extra dough, you do get more adjustability, better technology, and a different experience.

Conclusion of DXRacer Vs. Steelcase Leap

I would choose the DXRacer if you like the look, are restrained by budget, or you are more of a “loungy” type of gamer who sometimes watches movies, uses controllers, or sleeps in their chair (not someone who sits super straight working at their desk).

If you are more of a “working” type like myself who works just as much as I game, uses keyboard + mouse heavily, and you have enough money to spend $900 on a chair that will last you 10 years or more, then consider the Steelcase Leap as a versatile powerhouse.

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