The Steelcase Leap is one of the best office chairs on the market. Sure it’s expensive, but as I found in my REAL Steelcase Leap Review (video included), it’s worth the cost due to adjustments, quality of materials used, and just the overall premium feel. It’s around $950 or so on Amazon, but there’s also another model out there that you might want to consider if you have the big bucks.

That chair is the Steelcase Leap Plus, a chair that retails for around $1400. This means its quite a bit more expensive than the original Steelcase Leap chair. Is the price increase worth what you get? Well, let’s see.

What makes the Steelcase Leap Plus Different?

What is the difference between Steelcase Leap and Steelcase Leap Plus?

Leap Dimensions

What is the difference between Steelcase Leap and Steelcase Leap Plus?

Leap Plus Dimensions

The main thing you need to consider when looking at the Steelcase Leap is your weight. If you need support up to 500 Lbs, then the Steelcase Leap Plus will be a good fit for  you. The original Steelcase Leap has a weight limit of 400 lbs. That’s a 100 pound difference!

This means that the seat is a bit wider, increasing from 19.25 inches to 22 3/4 inches. The back width also increases from 18 inches in width to 20 inches in width. The arm width is 15 inches to 20 inches on the regular Leap, while the Leap Plus gives you more room with 17 1/2 inches to 24 3/4 inches.

Overall the Leap Plus is just a slightly wider chair overall, but the sizing won’t be too drastically different.

However, if you’re a heavier user, or a bit more wide than most, consider the Leap Plus as a truly expensive option.