DXRacer has a ton of different chairs offered. We’ve reviewed each one and organized them in terms of size in our DXRacer Guide here. However, you still might be wondering about the differences between two chairs–that being the DXRacer King and Sentinel series. Both of these chairs are designed for larger and taller individuals.

The DXRacer King Series is good for those with a weight capacity of 300 Lbs and a height limit of 6’2”. The recommended height is between 5’9” and 6’2” with the recommended weight somewhere around 275 lbs.

The DXRacer Sentinel series has a larger weight capacity at 350 Lbs, and a height limit of 6’6”. The recommended height is somewhere between 6-6’5” with an ideal weight of 325.

As you can see, the Sentinel chair is just a big bigger and taller than the King chair. The King chair is a bit better for those who might be shorter and lighter, whereas the Sentinel is better for those who are taller and heavier.

What do I think of DXRacer chairs?

DXRacer chairs are built like tanks. They are incredibly sturdy and supportive for your body. Some people don’t like how firm they are, and the chairs do require some break in to get use to them. The leather materials feel great on the skin (but are prone to heat) and the style is unmatched among office chairs.

The arm rests are a bit “hard” and somewhat finicky, but nothing that can’t be remedied by a simple “armrest mod” as seen here.