Video gaming has come a long way as far as the additional aspects of them are concerned. Most gamers will want a chair that offers way more than a sitting place since they can have that easily. With this chair, many gamers will find all the features they need but at a very low price. It comes with the ability to collapse which many gamers will find handy.

Everyone knows the great quality of gaming chairs from X Rocker. However, getting one has been out of reach of many gamers owing mainly to the price. However, X Rocker has the V Rocker 5130301 SE which is a great chair at only $99.

The V Rocker 5130301 SE offers so much but costs so little. It’s one of the cheap chairs that has interactive audio whereby the gamer feels the vibrations of the game for an immersive gaming experience. It has two speakers and a subwoofer which can be connected either with a wire or wirelessly. The chair is a beauty that can be linked with other chairs for multiplayer gaming. It can also be folded and stashed away to save on space in the home.


The V Rocker 5130301 SE goes for $99 on Amazon. If you scour the internet, you can have it for much less especially on sites such as eBay. Keep in mind that the chair has everything a gamer could need in terms of experiencing every aspect of a game. At that price, it is a good steal since the premium chairs have even fewer features.


  • V Rocker Interactive Audio ensures the gamer feels the vibrations of the game.
  • A subwoofer flanked by two powerful speakers that face forward.
  • It can transmit audio wirelessly or other it a headphone jack.
  • It has a side control panel for most gaming controls and jacks for input and output.
  • Collapsible design that offers comfort and convenience.

With the V Rocker 5130301 SE, it is all about good things coming in a cheap package. The sound quality is, to say the least, awesome. Combined with the interactive audio feature, gaming on this chair (or listening to music) is but a joy. The chair is among the few that can be used as a rocking chair given the lack of a pedestal and slightly curved bottom.

Folding the chair is an addition many people will enjoy given that it saves them on space and other convenient aspects. The fact that you can link it up with a console wirelessly makes it great for clutter free gaming. The best bit is the $99 price tag which can be afforded by a majority of the gamers.


If ever one needed a gaming chair that offers everything in a compact package and comes cheap, the V Rocker 5130301 SE by X Rocker is the best option. Those who have used it before agree to its great quality and have had no reason to upgrade it ever since it competes with the premium chairs with ease.

For those who want a gaming chair with good quality but are short on the cash, this is the best one to go for. In fact, it has many features that the premium chairs have and more. The fact that one can enjoy a good gaming chair that has many uses but with a price below $100 is reason to give a top rating to this chair.