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What is the Difference between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting?

If you’re looking to start a website for your blog or business, you might have researched some web hosts and found that they offer  cloud hosting and shared hosting options. It can be confusing to decide which is better, so that’s why we made this guide. Don’t worry if you’re a web host noob or […]

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How to Quickly Start a Site or a Blog with Wordpress

Despite the fact that WordPress is one of the largest platforms used for blogging in the world, it is also much more than that. It is a total and complete content management system, and you can use it for creating many different website types. So, if you have an interest in creating your own website […]

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Tips on How to Avoid Expensive Website Mistakes

When you are making a website, there are a lot of things that you must take into consideration. It is definitely a process that you want to take slow because any mistake could cost you. Not only money but a reputation as well. Your business might suffer a lot if you do not leave a […]

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How can You Migrate a WordPress Site to a New Web Host?

When you need a website, your first step is to choose a web hosting service and one that will provide you with a good plan. It needs to be responsive and reliable, but you also have to think if its services are going to stay good enough on the long run. If your business takes […]

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Things About Hosting that You Must Know If You Need A Website

Whether you are starting a small personal business, or you just want a place where you will have the liberty to express yourself, you will need a website. When you have a website, you set your own rules and terms. You can use it to organize your ideas and present them to the world. Alternatively, […]

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7 Tests that Your Web Host Must Pass

A base for any good and trustworthy business is a good website. However, a base for a good website is a reliable web host. That is why you need to make sure that yours fits the bill, and that you are getting the maximum out of your deal. If your current service is not as […]

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10 Essential Steps and Considerations for Choosing a Web Hosting Service

If you have come to a decision to set up a website, the first thing that you need to think about is which web host to choose. There are a lot of them, out there, and many have different offers, different packages, and plans. Basically, there are hundreds of different types of them, and you […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Self-Host a Website

They might come a time in your life when you will think that self-hosting your own website is a good idea. You have a PC you don’t use and that can stay always on. Maybe your workplace contains a small server that is ideal for you to use. However, no matter what your reasons are, […]

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How to Make a Portfolio for Upwork Freelance Writing

As someone who originally started out on Upwork, (and even has written a guide on how to be a successful freelancer on Upwork) I understand the pains of trying to attract clients and keep them. The site is growing bigger everyday, and there are a lot of workers and clients trying to find the right […]

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