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What Is the Best Gaming Chair For Dota 2?

You’ll certainly need a great gaming chair if you’re going to play Dota 2. Considering how the game is so addictive and how many matches are long, you will need a comfortable chair to sit in. A great chair will especially give you a good seating experience and make it easier for you to reach […]

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What is the Best Gaming Chair for Fat Guys?

If you’re a bit hefty, or more than a bit “hefty” you might consider yourself a fat guy. And just because you’re fat doesn’t mean that you have to sit uncomfortably right? Of course, losing weight is one way to make yourself fit in chairs better, but that can be a long process and sometimes it’s […]

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What is the Best Wallet for Zcash/Litecoin?

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency on the market, but it’s not the only player on the field. Other currencies have emerged on the market, and they each bring something slightly different to the table. One of these emerging cryptocurrency is Zcash, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for miners and investors working in […]

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Is a Gaming Chair Worth it?

You might be thinking of getting a gaming chair, but there is a question that won’t stop popping into your mind: “is getting a gaming chair worth it?”. I would say–without a doubt, YES. Unless, you are looking for something more traditionally styled (in that case, check out ergonomic chairs). Gaming chairs can be expensive–no […]

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What are the best DXRacer Chairs for Tall People?

DXRacer chairs are great since they come in sizes for everyone. Whether you’re short, tall, or a bit hefty, you can find the right chair for you. However, this also means that DXRacer sells a lot of different chairs, so it can be hard to pin down the right combination. The basic idea is that […]

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What is the Best Racing Chair for Racing Games?

Are you looking to build a car simulation experience but need a good chair/base foundation to put your racing wheel on? Sure if you’re racing on PC you can make the experience work by mounting your wheel to your desk, but who wants to do that? This means you have to have an exclusive desk […]

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What Are the Coolest Gaming Chairs?

Are you looking for a cool gaming chair to outfit your man cave or at-home office? Today we are going to take a look at the coolest gaming chairs on the market. I already made a good list of Maxnomic alternatives, as well as a mega guide on DXRacer. I’ve also made a guide on […]

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What are the Best DXRacer Alternatives?

Tired of DXRacer chairs? Or maybe you can’t afford the $400+ price tag? DXRacer chairs are great, but there are so many that it’s often confusing deciding which one to get. Should you get this color, this size, this model–sometimes, you just need a good chair that doesn’t explode your wallet! Today, we are going […]

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What is the Best Cheap Gaming Chair?

If you need a gaming chair, you need something that can support your rear and back for many extended hours. If you don’t get a supportive chair, you might find that you develop hip, lower back, or even neck pain from uncomfortable padding or postures. Whether you’re a hardcore WoW raider or a competitive CS:GO […]

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What is the Best Dxracer Chair for a Short Person?

DXRacer is a great brand with a huge library of chairs. You can find different styles, colors, sizes, prices, and everything in between. This makes it a bit confusing when picking a chair, however, so that’s why I’ve created this article to help the height-challenged find their perfect DXRacer chair. Without further adieu, here are […]

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