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Best Gaming Chair on a Budget

Are you looking for the best gaming chair on a budget? I’ve tested out a ton of chairs, and my favorite chairs to use are high-end ergonomic chairs, but these selected budget chairs for gaming are very good to use if you are low on cash but need a decent experience. Most of these chairs […]

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DXRacer vs Steelcase Leap

In this DXRacer vs. Steelcase Leap comparison, I will look at both types of chairs to help you understand which to get. These are two very different chairs with different design choices that lead to two different experiences, even if the companies behind the chairs share similar mottos and goals for a better ergonomic sitting […]

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Sole F80 vs Sole F85 - What's the difference?

The Sole F80 and Sole F85 are two of Sole’s best selling products. The F80 retails for $1499 on Sole’s website here, while the F85 retails for $1999. Price aside, what is the difference between the Sole F80 and Sole F85? Sole F80 vs. Sole V85 – What is different? Screen Console         […]

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Will the  λ Chair be the Best New Office Chair?

I’ve been following Autonomous ever since I found their fantastic stand-up desk product on Their standup desk sells for only $249, and it has all of the features and quality of a desk worth easily $1000 from other retailers. Even desks from Ikea (the company that you GO TO for cheap products) retails their […]

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What is the Best Ergonomic Office Chair in 2018?

When you work at 8-hour shift in the office, you don’t get to choose what chair you sit on. Sure you could complain to HR to get a better one, but that doesn’t always work. So in these cases, you often settle and happily leave the office to sit on your couch. If you work […]

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10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions of 2016

A lot of people use Chrome extensions with their browser, but few people realize how many powerful tools can be integrated into your browser to transform your browsing experience completely. We’ve picked out some of the best and most useful chrome extensions around. These tools can either improve your security, drastically increase your productivity, make […]

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Are Smartphone Cameras as Good as Real Cameras?

New smartphones come out every year, and it seems like the cameras included within the devices are one of the most important upgrades. Sure you have CPU upgrades and better internals to give better performance, but whether it’s optical image stabilization, slow-mo, or better low-light detection–smartphone cameras are becoming more and more popular. Often times […]

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Is the Amazon Echo Worth Getting?

Is the Amazon Echo worth getting in 2016? How far as the device come since launch? And most importantly, is it worth $179.99? Amazon’s Echo is a cool device in a lot of ways, but in an equal number of ways, it’s a device that largely feels unnecessary. Why do you need Alexa when you […]

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Which Nespresso Flavor Tastes Like Starbucks Coffee?

If you were like me a year ago, you want to dive into the world of Nespresso since you love Espresso. My espresso addiction started off at Starbucks with iced caramel lattes. Tired of spending 4-5 bucks every day and driving to the store only to wait in line for 20 minutes, I decided I […]

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Most Comfortable Wireless Gaming Headsets for PC Gaming

Gaming headsets are great to use when playing games that require accurate audio and team communication. The only bad thing is that headsets can get annoying with cords everywhere. That’s why wireless gaming headsets are so convenient. Not only that, but you can keep talking to your buds even if you get out of your […]

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