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Is the Autonomous ErgoChair Good?

Autonomous is a tech company that sells office products and gadgets that has made a name for itself in a few different ways. They have some fancy robots, but the main draw from this company seems to be their low price point for promised high-quality goods. I use their SmartDesk (simply because it was cheap […]

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Best Ergonomic Chair for a Small Frame?

Ergonomic chairs have many advantages like enhanced padding and durability, but one of the essential features of an ergonomic chair is the adjustability. Some ergonomic chairs are designed for small framed users, large-framed users, and everything in between. Most cheap chairs are built for one model, but with ergonomic chairs, you could have one chair […]

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Which is Better, Using an Ergonomic Chair or a Standing Desk?

When I first started trying to make my setup more ergonomic, I started searching for an ergonomic chair. In fact, you can find my entire journey (kept up to date here). Later on, though, the thought occurred to me that I could alleviate some stress and pain build up (from sitting WAY too long)  if […]

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Best Gaming Chairs with Lumbar Support

For a majority of gamers, back pain is an issue, but lumbar support isn’t always the first included feature in a gaming chair that gamers look for. Gaming chairs are mainly picked and bought for they way they look. This is why Racing chairs like DXRacer have taken off. DXRacers look cool, with cool cutouts, […]

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Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Back Pain

Are you looking for the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain? Here today I am going to talk about what makes an office chair give you back pain, and how you can overcome it with some recommendations and tips. What causes back pain? Put simply, a bad and cheap chair can cause back pain […]

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What Office Chair has the Most Adjustable Arms?

Adjustable arms for an office chair a MUST for me. If a chair doesn’t have adjustable arms, I immediately dismiss it as a non-viable chair. One reason is that I don’t like using arms on my chair, but another reason is that having non-adjustable arms is horrible for correct ergonomics. If there is one thing […]

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Will the  λ Chair be the Best New Office Chair?

I’ve been following Autonomous ever since I found their fantastic stand-up desk product on Their standup desk sells for only $249, and it has all of the features and quality of a desk worth easily $1000 from other retailers. Even desks from Ikea (the company that you GO TO for cheap products) retails their […]

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What is the Best Ergonomic Office Chair in 2018?

When you work at 8-hour shift in the office, you don’t get to choose what chair you sit on. Sure you could complain to HR to get a better one, but that doesn’t always work. So in these cases, you often settle and happily leave the office to sit on your couch. If you work […]

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