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HON Ignition vs HON Endorse - Which Chair is Better?

The HON Ignition and HON Endorse are two premium products offered by HON. While the Nucleus seems to represent HON’s pinnacle of design and quality material, these two chairs are both very budget friendly without sacrificing any mandatory ergonomic features and functions. Both chairs retail for close to the same price on Amazon which is […]

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Steelcase Leap vs Steelcase Think - Which Chair is Better?

Steelcase makes some great chairs, the Steelcase Leap and Steelcase Think are two chairs that they make that are very similar but also different. However, it’s not entirely clear how the chairs are different on Steelcase’s website or through their documentation. So which is the better chair, and why? Steelcase Leap vs Steelcase Think Comparison […]

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What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

If you’re close to 6’3” like I am, you know how important a good gaming chair is. Because, at the end of the day, most gaming chairs don’t fit tall people. I’d say most gaming chairs fit anyone between 5’6” to 5’10”. However, how do we define gaming chair? Are we talking about cheap office […]

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Is It Worth It to Buy a Brand New Herman Miller Aeron?

Herman Miller Chairs can be found everywhere on craigslist and even in warehouses that re-sell used chairs from offices that have shut down. Most of these chairs vary in quality, but they also vary on edition and age. You can find first generation Herman Miller Aeron chairs for around $200-300, but you can also find […]

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Are Exercise Balls Better than Office chairs?

In the modern office, you might see a variety of different chairs being used–from standing stools used in conjunction with standing desks, highly expensive ergonomic chairs, regular office chairs, and even ball chairs. Today we are here to discuss the validity of ball office chairs and if they can replace or supplement a healthy ergonomic […]

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What Type of Chair Does my Office Use?

If you work in a fancy office or an office that cares about its workers and their productivity, chances are you are using a special kind of ergonomic chair. While a lot of offices use various iteration of office chairs, there are a few office chair brands that are the most popular and easy choices […]

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What are the Best Cute Office Chairs?

Finding a cute office chair that is comfortable can be very hard. Most office chairs look like wanna-be lazy boys or made for huge wooden desks straight out of the victorian age. If you’re looking for the best cute office chairs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve ranked this best cute office chair list […]

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What is a Good Ergonomic Chair for Under $100?

Finding a good ergonomic chair can be like finding the holy grail. At times, it seems like an impossible task when comparing things like your budget, size, weight, and preferences. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the budget is the most important factor to consider and while it does limit your experience greatly (the more […]

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What is the Best Office Chair for a Big Frame?

Do you have a big frame which makes it hard to be comfortable in an office chair? Believe me; I know how it feels. When I was in school I had to sit in chairs where my knees would hit the person’s desk in front of me, and now that I’m older and travel semi-frequently, […]

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What is a Good Office Chair for a Heavy Person?

If you are a heavy person, you might find it hard to get comfortable in a chair. The reason is that most cheap chairs aren’t designed with sturdy materials to support heavy weight. If you don’t spend that much on your chair, it means that over time, cushion becomes little more than a thin layer […]

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