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What is the Best Office chair for a 8 Hour Work day?

If you work at home like me, you might be sitting in an office chair for the majority of your day. If you’re sitting in a cheap chair, you might find that you start to develop hip, back, or even neck pain. This is usually because humans are built in many different sizes and shapes, […]

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What is the Best Steelcase Chair in 2017?

Steelcase is a wonderful brand, and if you’ve checked out any of my reviews, you’ll know that I like the brand because they have the most premium ergonomic office chairs out there. Steelcase chairs generally look great, feel amazing, and last forever. However, each chair has it’s strengths and advantages whether due to price, functionality, […]

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What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs with Headrests?

Having a headrest on a chair may seem like an extra feature (and in many ways it is), but once it’s there it’s hard to go back to not having one. Headrests are great for resting your head mid-way through a long day’s work at the computer. However, while some features like height adjustment and […]

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Are Bungee Cord Office Chairs Good?

You might have seen some bungee cord office chairs at stores like the Container Store. The basic idea is that you have an aluminum or steel frame with bungee cords in between that act as a springy type of support with some “give.” I’ve seen these chairs in a few places, and they seem to […]

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What is a Good Chair for Neck Pain?

Long gaming sessions or long work sessions from home can create some serious fatigue, especially in the neck, hip, and back. Most $100 gaming chairs or office chairs from Ikea like the Ikea Markus, lack quality construction, adjustability, and most importantly–neck support. The only bad news is that to get a chair that will help […]

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What is a Good Office Chair for Hip Pain?

Hip pain can be a real nuisance if you’re just trying to relax and enjoy some games. Or if you’re trying to be competitive, you don’t want to worry about hip problems. The only thing is that hip pain can be a real problem and if you don’t take care of it, it could lead […]

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What is the Best Office Chair for Tall Men that Will Support their Head?

Finding a good office chair as a tall person can be a challenging task. Believe me, I know, I’m 6’3”. Sometimes sitting in the wrong sized chairs can feel like a fact of life, whether it’s uncomfortable in cafes with chairs that hit the wrong part of my back, or sitting inside a cramped airplane […]

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What are the Best Office Chairs for Back Pain?

Do you have a bad back? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’m writing this article because I got an email from a user who frequents this site asking me what is the best chair for his bad back. He explained to me how he had tried exercise balls (check out this article […]

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What is an Ergonomic Chair?

What is an ergonomic chair? This might sound like a stupid question, but it certainly isn’t one. With every chair on Amazon, and every chair available to be tested at Office Depot claiming to get ergonomic, the term– “ergonomic,” can easily lose value. However, I define and attribute the word very carefully. If something is […]

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Are HON Chairs Good?

What are HON chairs? HON chairs are popular in businesses around the world, and there are a few people who respect the brand and use the chairs at home. However, I wouldn’t consider them to be such a viral success as Herman Miller and Steelcase. These expensive brands like Steelcase and Herman Miller represent the […]

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