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What is the Best Ergonomically Correct Desk Chair?

The world of ergonomic chairs has many names that claim to have the best chairs on the market. However, after tests and reviews of many chairs, we have come to the conclusion that the best ergonomically correct desk chair is the Steelcase Leap Chair. We tell you why. No other chair on the planet boasts […]

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What is the Best White Desk Chair?

For those of us who love the white color, we may be lucky to know that we have very quality chairs for our desks that come in that favorite color. We already have discussed the cheaper High Back PU Leather chair before, but if you want a premium option, keep reading! Also, if you’ve heard of […]

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What is the Best Herman Miller Aeron Knockoff?

For those in need of a great chair but without the budget to get one, how about a great knockoff? That is exactly what you get with the Alera Elusion Series multifunction chair. Of all the Herman Miller Aeron knockoffs we put to test, this one came out on top. The Herman Miller Aeron is […]

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What Is the Comfiest Gaming Chair?

A typical gaming session can last for a while. It can last due to things like the length of a competitive match or the intricate and detailed nature of a game. The intensity of a gaming match can also be exciting. You’ll need a comfortable chair to help you enjoy the experience without being bothered. […]

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What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300?

If you spend time at your desk each day, you could have experienced back pain and general soreness on the body. You can avoid that by investing in an ergonomic office chair. The main problem barring people from buying ergonomic chairs has been the price. Most of these cost as much as $2000 which, to […]

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Herman Miller Aeron vs Steelcase Leap

Two of the most popular ergonomic office chairs out there are the Herman Miller Aeron and the Steelcase Leap. Both chairs have been around almost since the late 90’s, and both companies have very strong foundations building furniture for a long time. In fact, Steelcase has been building furniture since 1912, and Herman Miller since […]

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How to Adjust Lumbar Support On a Office Chair

Office chairs with lumbar support are great for your lower back. However, most lumbar support ingrained into Office chairs come in different shapes and sizes. I’ve dismantled many lumbar support pads to find plain foam, and other lumbar supports are just plain plastic. As a reminder, I would avoid the Ikea Markus chair (as seen […]

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What is the Best Office Chair for Programming?

If you’re a programmer at home, or even at the office, you know how long and grueling a typical work day can be. You can spend hours at the desk without a break poring over tedious lines of white code over black. Sometimes it’s just one small error, and sometimes you’re constructing something much larger […]

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What is the Difference Between Steelcase Leap V1 and V2?

The Steelcase Leap version 1 was released in 1999, which is now, over 18 years ago! My Steelcase V1 Chair I talked about in my Steelcase Leap Review was made in 2001. Since I have both chairs, I thought I would do a comparison of the two chairs to help you see what has changed. […]

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What are the Best Sewing Chairs?

Are you looking to get a new sewing chair to complement your sewing machine? Maybe your old chair is falling apart at the seams, or maybe you have back problems. Whatever the situation, you need to make sure that you pick the right chair since it’s something you’ll probably own for awhile. And there are a […]

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