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What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

Yesterday I wrote an article about the best Amazon Echo devices, and it got me thinking more about all sorts of smart home devices–not just those compatible with Amazon’s Echo. Getting a smart home set up with devices can be an intimidating start since there are so many options and choices as well as categories […]

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How to Setup Amazon Echo Find My Phone

Have you lost your phone? Do you lose your phone a lot? Well, if you’ve lost your phone somewhere in your house, or elsewhere in the world, I know a cool trick to use your Amazon Echo to find your phone. All you have to do is ask your Amazon Echo to find your phone […]

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Best Amazon Echo devices of 2016

In my article where I looked at the Amazon Echo, I was very impressed. Almost all of Amazon’s selling points came true, and the device is truly incredible for its sound quality, vocal detection accuracy, design, and the consistent updates that continue to improve it. However, while the Echo by itself is quite good–the Echo […]

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10 Essential Pocket Gadgets Under $100

Are you looking for cool pocket gadgets to buy? A cool gift? In this list, we’ve found some of the BEST gadgets you can carry in your pocket. A lot of these gadgets can be carried just in case you get bored shopping or if you just want a cool party trick. These little gizmos […]

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