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HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift vs PlayStation VR vs Mobile VR

2016 is the year of virtual reality. It’s almost over, and all of the main VR companies have played their hand. We got the HTC Vive that is partnered with Valve, the Oculus Rift owned by Facebook, and finally, the PlayStation VR owned by Sony. In addition, we also have another new edition of Samsung’s […]

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7" Amazon Fire Tablet Vs New 7" Nook Tablet

Which is the better tablet to buy between the $50 Amazon Fire Tablet and the now $50 Nook Tablet in 2016? Barnes and Noble just released information that their new 7″ tablet will be released on November 25, 2016. Pre-orders are now active. As you might well know, Barnes and Noble has spent years going […]

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Best Cheapest Mechanical Keyboard Under $50?

Mechanical keyboards aren’t cheap. When I was first looking for mine, I understood that the cheapest keyboard around was the CM Storm series which retails around $77. You might even be thinking that the CM Storm series keyboard sounds reasonable, and when compared to other mechanical keyboards out there like the Razer BlackWidow Chroma ($139) it […]

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λ (Ergochair) Chair Kickstarter Suspended?

UPDATE: I posted a new article here with my thoughts (and new research findings) on the chair now that it has been released.  Only just awhile ago we wrote about the innovative smart chair or the “λ Chair” from company Autonomous Inc since we had such great experiences with their “smart” desk. The company’s Kickstarter […]

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8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016

Are  you looking for a cool gift to troll your friend? Sometimes you just need a funny light-hearted gift to give someone that doesn’t take too much thought. But you also want it to be memorable, or just plain funny. That’s what these troll gifts are for! For that special someone who just needs to be […]

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Best Hidden iOS 10 Features

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is coming soon! That means no more head jack, which means you might need a new pair of headphones (some great compatible headphones)–or a new case (our top 5 cases). But iOS 10 is coming to iPhones on September 13th. This new update brings a lot of cool […]

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Should You Get the iPhone 7?

Check out this awesome flowchart we found on Lucidchart. It’ll help you decide if you should get the iPhone 7. IF you want a list of compatible headphones check out this article, or a case for your new upcoming iPhone 7, check out this article. IF you want a list of compatible headphones check out this […]

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What is the Best Gaming Ergonomic Chair?

Nowadays, if you look at popular streamers or YouTube gamers, you’ll see them in chairs that look more like racing chairs than chairs built for gaming at a desk. These chairs look like this: Sure, I can’t blame people who get these chairs. They look comfortable as hell, with plush pillows, thick seats, cool color […]

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Best Looking Cases for iPhone 7

There are going to be a lot of cases for the iPhone 7. A lot of good cases, bad cases, generic cases, and cases that would be perfect for a construction worker who dropped their iPhone off a high rise. But not all of use want those cases. Some of us want cases that complement […]

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Best Compatible Headphones for iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 is now out and after the iPhone 7 unveiling–it is now certain that the new iPhone 7 will not have a traditional audio port for headphones. The phone comes with an adapter, and lightning cable earbuds, and also the ability to buy new expensive wireless Airpod earbuds. This means you have […]

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