Sleeping on a mattress can sometimes feel so habitual. Year after year you hit the same sack, and before you know it, you’re experiencing a lower quality of sleep. You might not want to admit it, but perhaps it’s time for a new mattress.

But how can you tell if you really need one–or it’s just some sort of back pain acting up? It can be hard to tell if you really need a new mattress. After all, our society has become so purchase oriented and materialistic sometimes its easy to justify buying a new everything. Oh your thousand dollar phone isn’t fast enough now? Believe me, I know the feeling.

So we’ve picked some of the best reasons to pick a new mattress up that will help you decide that you really do need a new mattress and it’s not just your imagination or desire to try something bigger and better (but at the end of the day, what’s wrong with that?)

10 Ways to Tell If You Need a New Mattress:

#1 Waking up is PAINFUL

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

If you wake up everyday with a sore back, or a sore neck, it could be a sign that you need a new mattress. Maybe the one you have is too firm, or not firm enough. If you like to sleep on your back, a firm mattress works best, whereas if you sleep on your side, a softer mattress works well.

However, if you’re mattress is getting old, you might have noticed more increased pain over a gradual amount of time. This could mean that your memory foam or springs are getting worn out and depressed, meaning that you have less support now than you did. As your mattress loses shape, your various points of contact could become depressed and make your posture sagged.

As your body loses alignment with your mattress, you can experience more pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Or you can develop pressure points which makes you turn and toss all night long.

#2 Your Mattress Feels Lumpy or Saggy

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

Maybe you’re not experiencing a ton of pain, but when you go on your mattress does it feel soft and crisp and straight? Maybe it feels worn in with lumps in various spots that have conformed to your usual body sleeping position. I know that my old mattress was too soft, and there was definite spots within the mattress that felt more used than others which meant that certain positions just didn’t feel comfortable anymore.

#3 Other Mattresses in Hotels are Better

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

Did you recently just travel and marvel how the cheap mattress at the Hotel was just much better than your own? This is one of the easiest ways to tell that you need an upgrade or just a new mattress. This actually happened to me recently when I was on vacation. I figured that I needed a more similar firm mattress and that the one at home I had was too soft.

#4 Are You Getting Older?

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

When you age, you might develop new needs from your mattress. Maybe you want a more firm mattress, or a softer mattress to ease your aches and pains. Maybe you want a latex mattress of a spring mattress that is easier to get out of than a traditional memory foam type mattress.

Some say that the older you get, the more firm of a mattress you need to combat back pain, but I think this is more due to preference.

#5 Developing Allergies?

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

Due to the nature and materials used in beds (foam, stuffing, etc) your bed will eventually attract household allergens like dust, mildew, and mold (unless you’re using some type of unique latex mattress or a wool mattress). This means that you could develop some serious reactions and sniffles.

#6 Developed an Injury?

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

If you recently developed a back injury, or hurt your tailbone, perhaps you should reconsider your current mattress situation and get a new one. Whatever you need for the support for, don’t feel guilty. Having a good night’s sleep is worth it.

#7 Your Mattress is Old for the Price

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

If you bought a cheap mattress expect a decent 3-4 years out of it. If you bought a good mattress, double that range. If your mattress is past it’s prime, you need a new one. Your budget depends on how long you want to use your current one. If you want a burner mattress 200-300 is a good range. If you want a good mid-price mattress then spring for something quite  good at $500-700. If you want premium options go higher from $1000+.

#8 Your Bed Creaks

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

When you move, or have sex, does your bed creak? This could be due to some wear and tear on your bed coils which could signal that you need a new mattress. When you have an innerspring mattress, the coils are what provides the spring and firmness that you need to have a good nights sleep and a healthy back. As you sleep on your mattress and put weight on it over the course of years, these coils start to wear out. As they wear out, creaking starts happening and you get less support. Maybe it’s time for a new innerspring mattress?

#9  You’ve Gained Weight

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

Have you gained weight recently? If you have, this could mean that you need a new mattress. Generally, the depth of the mattress depends on how heavy you are. If you have a thin mattress and you don’t weight that much, it’s probably decently comfortable. However, the heavier you get, I would say the more firm of a mattress and better supported mattress that you need.

#10 Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You Anymore

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?

If your dog doesn’t sleep with you anymore, this could be a good sign that your mattress really does suck. If he’s willing to sleep on the ground, perhaps you should join him on the ground–since there does seem to be a “sleep on the floor” following.

Need a new Mattress?

How Can I Tell If I Need a New Mattress?