You might have seen some bungee cord office chairs at stores like the Container Store. The basic idea is that you have an aluminum or steel frame with bungee cords in between that act as a springy type of support with some “give.” I’ve seen these chairs in a few places, and they seem to be quite popular, and when I’ve sat in them, I had to admit there was something about them that was appealing. Maybe you’re at the Container Store right now, or you’ve heard about these unique chairs and wanted to try one out.

You can find them for about $149 at the Container Store, but there all also some similar chairs on Amazon. This Laura Davidson Bungee Task Chair on Amazon looks to be very similar and around the same price. You can also find another more expensive model called the Euro Style Bradley Bungie High Back Adjustable Office Chair for $266.

In fact, I found a  user review claiming that Euro seems to be the same brand that supplies Container Store with their chairs (a customer service inquiry from the Container Store directed them to “Euro Style”). However, the Container Store’s version seems to be a lower back model which would explain the lower price (I found this chair at the Container Store to be a bit short, and the top bar could be a bit hard and annoying when pressed against my back). If you want to get the bungee cord office chair, I would suggest getting this version since it’s a better version of the one sold at the Container Store.

These bungee cord office chairs have an interesting design and the springiness of the bungee invite you to sit in it. So many chairs that you see $200-300 offices or stores today all look the same, but the bungee cord office chair is different.

Most chairs you will see are heavily padded, leather, or very ergonomic looking like the Herman Miller Aeron. The funny thing is that some people who use this bungee cord office chair think it’s like the “poor man’s Herman Miller Aeron” since it is very breathable and supportive. I’ve seen another chair, the Alera Chair (Alera Chair Review) referred to similarly. Sure, you won’t get the same about of adjustments as high-end ergonomic chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron or the Steelcase Leap for example, but for the price, the adjustments are pretty comparable to other chairs.

The bungee might also prove more resilient than padding that just gets flattened after a year (some office chairs have this happen). You get tilt lock and height adjustments, but the arms aren’t adjustable, and there isn’t any sort of tilt tension. This leads me to believe that the chairs would be good for 2-4 hours a day tops. After this amount of time, I think you’ll find that you’re ready to get up and move around.

The bungee cord office chairs do have other limitations as well. You can’t adjust the bottom seat panel which means that extremely tall or short users might find the chair doesn’t fit just quite right. For the average user with average legs, the seat panel might be fine, but if you want adjustable arms, a headrest, or a more flexible recline option than just tilt lock, you might be out of luck.

If you are searching for these features, and you have a budget of $200-300 dollars, I would encourage you to check out our HON Basyx Review, or the Alera Chair review.