When it comes to choosing a host for your website, you need a good and reliable service. And if you are looking for a good one for the WordPress platform, we can recommend using Bluehost, as one of the top hosting companies. You can read our comprehensive Bluehost Review.

Lately, however, experts have been wondering how exactly can Bluehost contribute to WordPress community. That was until Stats of the Word of 2015 when the co-founder of WordPress uncovered that Bluehost actually tackled around 1.6 million of WordPress installations that were outdated.

Bluehost has proven itself times and times again that it is a good and trustworthy service. It has over 2 million sites with WordPress as their base. However, they recently found out that more than 80%, which is about 1.6 million of these installations, are out of date.

Understandably, this was not a good news, since it was posing a great security risk. Because of issues like this, WordPress sites are often under successful hacking attacks. Also, when a site is under hacking attack, that is where the host needs to react. Fighting against these attacks and hackers in general costs the company as well. Also, it is bad for reputation if the attacks are that often, or successful.

How did Bluehost handle the situation?

Upon discovering that WordPress installations are out of date, Bluehost came up with a pretty specific solution. They wrote a special Perl script, which was using WP-CLI (WordPress Command-Line Interface) for updating WordPress websites.

This did not only update the valid versions of the sites, but also those that were out of date as well. As many already know, this is a truly fascinating feat, especially since even the single update can be a relatively complicated matter.

By creating and employing this script, Bluehost actually did several things. Here is what the script did:

  • Its first task was analyzing the status of WordPress sites
  • Next, as a safety measure, it made backup for all sites
  • Then, the update began
  • After updating, it was checking for possible errors
  • If the mistake was there, it could easily restore it from backup

Don’t get us wrong – this did not happen over night. In fact, it took Bluehost one entire month to update the sites. However, when it was all done, 99% of the WordPress sites were successfully updated.

There were a few of them that had some problems, but only around 0.006%. However, the support team was there to help them out, so they got their fix as well.
After this, the technical support noticed that requests related to issues with WordPress were reduced for an entire 18%.

This is a direct consequence of the update since the sites got much better security thanks to the latest WordPress version. Also, themes and plugins were compatible as well, and complaints about them went down too.

Final thoughts

Over 25% of all the websites in the world work on WordPress, which leads to a conclusion that majority of the hosting companies have a lot of users who use it. If so, every hosting service should follow Bluehost’s example and make sure that their customers have regular updates of WordPress.

They might even want to do the exact same thing as Bluehost did, and update the WordPress themselves. Siteground, for example, is already one step ahead. This service provider already offers auto-updates when it comes to WordPress.

You, as a service, can even roll out a mass backup, or update, or even restore instead of your customers. There are a lot of open source WordPress tools to help you out with that, as you probably already know.

And as for Bluehost, this has been another proof that you can trust the company, and that it has customers’ best interest in mind.
That is not a new thing either, and for years now, this service holds the title of one of the best award-winning hosting services around. If you choose to use Bluehost, they can offer you some of the best hosting plans, all of them with one free domain name.

Not only that, but you can actually get it for extremely low prices, that currently even have a great discount.

All in all, we completely recommend using Bluehost for everyone who has an interest in good quality. You are, of course, free to choose whichever you wish. Simply remember that your security and convenience are your first priority.