The Xbox 360 is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the planet. Even with the release of newer consoles, it still boasts of some of the best features and games. If you just bought one, or have had it for a while now, you may consider complementing it with a gaming chair. Gaming chairs add a new level of experience to your gaming endeavors.

When with a gaming chair, the benefits include enjoying better sound, better viewing angles for the game, and the comfort of gaming for hours without your body getting sore. The sound is one of the best features when it comes to gaming chairs.

All the chairs with sound come with surround sound systems which wrap the gamer in the sound of the game around them. You can connect the sound wirelessly to the chair with the following chairs.

Rocker/Swivel Style Gaming Chairs with Speakers for Xbox 360:

X Rocker 51396

What is the Best Wireless Gaming Chair for Xbox 360?

This X Rocker chair has received lots of praise from its users owing to the features that come with it. It is also an affordable chair thus one of the best you can get for your Xbox 360.

The sound quality from this chair is excellent to say the least. It is made possible by two speakers (one on either side) and a 2.1 subwoofer using AFM technology. You also get to connect the sound system wirelessly using the RCA technology. This way, your gaming area will not be cluttered with wires and other such items.

This chair costs just $250 on Amazon. For those features and comfort, it is one of our best gaming chairs no matter the console you will be using. It comes complete with a pedestal, side armrests and side controls for the sound and other game aspects.

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X Rocker 5125401

What is the Best Wireless Gaming Chair for Xbox 360?

For $215, you get the gorgeous X Rocker 5125401. The design of the chair is what puts it above the rest. Rather than the office-like look of other gaming chairs, this one looks like a chair meant for a racing car. There are no bulging edges, just stripped down parts that leave only the necessary aspects of it.

The sound quality from the chair is more beautiful than anyone would think. It has two stereo speakers that combine for the best surround sound possible. When playing your games, you get the feeling that you are actually inside the game partaking of the action. You can connect the sound of the console either with wires or without them.

The price is also quite attractive. At just $215, you get lots of features and a great design. Your gaming will also be boosted to a new level with this chair.

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X Rocker 51092

What is the Best Wireless Gaming Chair for Xbox 360?

$170 give you the X Rocker 51092. As one of the best gaming chairs for the Xbox 360, this chair packs in lots of features at a very attractive price. It scores highly in all areas namely the design, sound and the level of comfort it offers.

As far as the sound is concerned, this chair is among the very best on the market. First of all, it has two speakers like the other chairs reviewed here. The two are located at the head level facing the sides. However, the chair packs in motors and vibrators that sync with the sound of the game for the ultimate surround sound experience you don’t get easily especially at that price.

Besides the beautiful sound, the design of the chair is also the great to behold. It features a solid and perfectly rounded pedestal for great viewing angles in the game.

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X Rocker 5143601

What is the Best Wireless Gaming Chair for Xbox 360?

Setting you being by a mere $166 is the X Rocker 5143601, another one of the gaming chairs we love. It comes in a sleek look which brings out the best in ergonomic design besides making the chair a glory to game with.

As far as the sound goes, the chair packs some of the best speakers on any chair. It is the same 2.1 AFM surround sound you find in the more premium chairs. You can also wirelessly connect the console to the chair for ease of gaming (without the wires).

There isn’t much $166 can do for you. Thus, the price of this chair is the best that could happen to $166. For the best gaming experience with this chair, we recommend using the Xbox 360 and with wireless connection to the speakers. Don’t worry as you can still change the volume and other settings at the side of the chair which has the control panel.

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V-Rocker 5130301 SE

What is the Best Wireless Gaming Chair for Xbox 360?

This is the cheapest gaming chair you can find on the market that is worth a mention. Although it lacks a pedestal, you get compensated for the chair being foldable.

It also has two speakers just like the other costlier chairs. The same high quality surround sound is also available in this chair.  You can also wirelessly connect the sound from the console to this chair. All that can be done in a short while to set the system up.

The cost of this chair is what will blow away anyone with an interest in getting a cheap gaming chair for their Xbox 360. It is just $99 with the possibility of getting it for even less on some online platforms. It is a great gaming chair for those in need of something simple yet easy to use in the home.

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Xbox 360 Chair Considerations

One of the aspects to consider when going for a gaming chair for your Xbox 360 is the price. You definitely don’t want to pay a fortune for a chair when you can get the same features in a chair at half its price.

Secondly, consider the features of the chair. What exactly do you need in the chair? In our review, we focused on chairs that have great sound that can be wirelessly connected to the gaming console. You can consider other aspects such as the pedestal and number of speakers.

The other major consideration is the level of comfort you intend to get from the chair. The chairs on our list are all comfortable allowing you to play your games for hours on end. Keep in mind that you take at least an hour seated in front of your gaming console at each time. If you are not comfortable, the chair is not worth it.

The issue of the pedestal is a contentious one but it should be known that there isn’t much difference between a chair that has a pedestal and another one that doesn’t have it. The benefit with lacking a pedestal is that the chairs are often foldable and thus easy to store.

It ought to be noted that, while the prices given here are from Amazon, there are other platforms one can get discounts on the chairs of their choice. You can even check out with the manufacturers of the chairs who often have offers on the chairs. eBay is another great place to search for the chairs since they have various types of offers on them. Be sure to check the quality of the chairs if you are going for a used one as they may be compromised in some way.