For those of us who love the white color, we may be lucky to know that we have very quality chairs for our desks that come in that favorite color. We already have discussed the cheaper High Back PU Leather chair before, but if you want a premium option, keep reading!

Also, if you’ve heard of the Steelcase Gesture, but actually want the best ergonomic chair (not necessarily white, but perhaps grey, black, green, blue or red, check out the Steelcase Leap).

The Good Stuff

The lovely things about this chair go beyond the color and beauty of it. But before that, it ought to be known that the looks of the chair are very much outstanding. The deep whites of the chair make it appear majestic just from looking at it. The comfort levels of this chair are also topnotch given that it adjusts to the sitting position of the user for the best comfort levels.

The materials are very light and the design is not intimidating in any way. It is simple and made of the necessary parts only. For many people, however, this chair may just be good to the eyes and the body but few will afford it. For more than $1,000, it is beyond the reach of many buyers.

If you are in the market for the best white desk chair and your budget is not subject to any limitations, then the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair is a solid option. It is one of the most expensive chairs but had enough features to make it worth the money spend acquiring it.

The Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

The chair may be costly but it combines some of the best features on the market. Every aspect of this chair has been thought out to give nothing but the best combination of features and comfort. The inclusion of the capability to align to the back even when one shifts their sitting position is the best feature in it.

That price is the deal breaker for most people in need of a quality chair that matches their favorite color or the rest of the house. However, if you have a budget that is not limited, or have simply saved up enough to buy it, go for it as it is the very best you can get.

The Features of this Chair

  • Beautiful white color to sync with the surrounding areas.
  • The back moves with the movements of the user to provide comfort with the changing sitting positions.
  • The comfort level of the chair is extended all the way to the edge to allow the user seat in any position they desire.
  • The armrests have the capability to move in all the directions one would require them for the best comfort.
  • There is support for the arms and shoulders whether you are typing on a laptop on a desk lap it using a handheld device.
  • It can be adjusted in various ways to suit the needs of the user.

Final Thoughts – Good or Bad? 

The chair has many levels of adjustment which ensure that the user is comfortable whether they are using a device on a desk or their lap. Websites have deemed it one of the best office chairs, and in terms of adjustable arms, I would agree that it perfects that part of the design. 

Also, it is great in terms of being able to automatically adjust to the position of seating of the user at all times. You enjoy the fact of knowing the chair you seat on each day at your desk is premium in all ways. If you are a workaholic, this is the chair you should go for. The price is just too much for most people. In addition, I find that the cheaper and more well-known Steelcase Leap is an all around better chairSee our Steelcase Leap Review to learn more

One thing that bugs me about this chair is the lack of lumbar support. Check out my full look in the Steelcase Gesture Review.

Otherwise, there is nothing else to complain about with this chair. This chair is the best you can find in the white color. The only limitation noted with it is the price which is too steep for many willing buyers. Otherwise, there is clearly no chair that can beat it in terms of features and comfort levels.