Is your current mattress bothering you or are you moving into a new house? Most of us love the snuggly feeling a new mattress gives us but going through the buying process is quite a hassle.

So when are you guaranteed to get the mattress you’ve always admired at the best time?
If you don’t know where to look, you might find that you got a raw deal and with no means of returning the mattress. Keep in mind that a good mattress does not come cheap.

If you don’t know where to look, you might find that you got a raw deal and with no means of returning the mattress. Keep in mind that a good mattress does not come cheap. We always recommend shopping online as well to get the best deals.

Which is the best place to buy a mattress?

While there are numerous places to buy a mattress, Amazon is the best for enough reasons. First, there are endless options from various manufacturers. You also have opportunity to check what customers are saying about the same mattress. If you’re not satisfied with the mattress, you have a grace period to return it.

Here are some tips about the best time of the year to get a new mattress.  Every online retailer operates to make profits, beat competitors and attract every buyer. It is on rare occasions that they are willing to give discounts. Fortunately, during certain times of the year, it is typical that they give in to the pressure of shoppers, holidays, and marked shopping days.

However, while there are some special times of the year to buy a mattress, if your back is hurting or you need a new mattress-don’t bother waiting. A few hundred dollars isn’t worth months of back pain. Here’s how you can tell you need a new mattress.

Here, we want you to take advantage of these days and get a deal that favors you.

Know the Market

Pay attention to what’s happening on the market. Most stores look to clear the inventory in May through September. As they clear out the old stock, you have a chance to get the best discount which they usually offer at this time of the year. It does not mean that the older models are any less in quality, the retailers just happen to be getting ready for the holidays where people are willing to pay a little more for a new mattress.

On Memorial Day, for example, there are extremely low prices for the beds as sellers want to create space for the new models coming in. Grab this opportunity, and you may get up to 75% off on some brands.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Another popular time to get a mattress is on these two online shopping days. Cyber Monday usually happens on the last Monday of November. Coined in 2005, by Scott Silverman and Ellen Davis, this day has become the most notable online shopping day. Online stores slash prices so much that some are even willing to ship your mattress for free.

Black Friday, on the other hand, is usually part of the Thanksgiving weekend for many employees. It also marks a time when accountants are operating at a minimum profit or no profit at all for e-commerce stores. For you, even your favorite mattress model is now at a lower price than what it would usually retail.

Amazon Prime day

Apart from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon prime day is another great day when you can get a good mattress at a lower price. The trick here is to check if there is any brand that is running a promotion on that day.

There are also other tips that you can use when shopping on Amazon to save some money. These include a price drop refund and using the best credit cards.

National Holidays

Some people tend to think that holidays also attract great discounts. According to the Forbes magazine, couples go on shopping together for items they don’t agree on. This is usually on pricey items which give us a headache because it is a substantial investment. Holidays thus give couples a free time to take that decision of buy

Retailers take this idea to mean that a discount on national holidays will bring in more sales as more couples shop. Benefit from these days of the year like the President’s Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day on July 4th.

Research on the Brands that give Discounts Every Month of the Year

As much as some mattress sellers are only willing to give discounts at certain times of the year, some brands do it every other time. If you are looking for a bed-in-a-box mattress, you can find just about the right discount when you know where to look.

Search for coupons on the mattress you want to buy. A trick that works when trying to get that coupon code is by placing the bed in the cart and waiting for the retailer to entice you with a coupon to complete the transaction.

These stores also give you the chance to compare different brand prices on various platforms. It gives you a pretty good idea of what the ideal price is, so you are better placed to bargain the price and get the best deal.

Overstock Sales

Autumn and spring are times when sellers are getting new stocks. Often they usually overestimate the demand which leaves them with many mattresses of the old stock. At this time, they’ll want it in your home at the lowest price possible. Remember that mattresses are one of those items which attract over 200% profit. This is because it’s sometimes difficult to compare prices when the mattress is being sold exclusively on only one platform.

During Inventory Taking

Since new mattresses come in around May, by September store attendants are in a rush taking inventory and inspecting the various mattresses before placing an order. It’s at this time that they find defects on some of the mattresses in stock. If these mattresses cannot meet the markup price, then they are easy to discount to the customers.

Christmas and New Year Celebrations

End of year brings families together in the Christmas mood. It’s a time when online stores get the highest in sales since everyone is trying to bring a gift for their loved one. With the many sales, competition is high, and the only way to keep up for these stores is by slashing the prices to attract customers. If you want to revamp your bedroom in the New Year, you’ll want to save some cash to catch those special offers.

Before a new year, outlets also want to get rid of old stock to bring in new models that beat January’s back to school rush. If you don’t manage to get a good deal before Christmas, then this is your time to buy a new mattress.

What about February?

After making sales for the spring semester, these stores are now willing to cut their bed prices to attract regular customers who do not have to buy the mattress during this time of year. Although you may spend some time watching out for such websites, it may be worth the search as these are times when salesmen rarely let you remove the bed from the cart.

When a new brand enters the market

Every new retailer is looking to make significant progress when they first set up their platform. Among the first strategies that they employ is by offering exclusive discounts on some marked items with potential for significant profits. Fortunately, mattresses fall in this category. You can be sure to get a high-quality mattress at a handsome price. Just be sure to keep an eye out for a new popular site.

During Flash Sales

As retailers try to get rid of surplus mattresses, they carry out what we call a flash sale. It is a limited time offer which gives you the urgency to buy the bed as soon as the price drops. Usually, there’s competition for such beds and the stocks dwindle fast. So have to move fast in the event of a flash sale.

Watch out for Major Advertisements

We like to call it a huge blowout sale. When every media is advertising a major sale that’s coming up on a particular platform, most likely even their beds are at a discount. Check the sale out and see if there are real discounts where you can actually buy a bed. Have a figure in mind of what you want, by comparing the prices from other stores before the open sale day.

Research Information Regarding the Leading Brands

You can know just about anything concerning an individual brand on the internet. Read information laid out about them from unbiased sites. It’s even better if you get actual reviews from the customers who have bought a certain bed before. This gives you a chance to know what to expect when you start making comparisons.

Tempur-Pedic and Serta, for example, fall in the category of luxury beds. They are notable for high-quality and customer satisfaction. Tuft and Needle is a brand known for their reasonable prices. This is because they sell their beds exclusively on online platforms like Amazon.

What does it Boil Down To?

The perfect sleeping environment comes with breathing new life with a good mattress. The months of May and September stands out as the best times to take home a well-discounted mattress. The end of the year also opens e-commerce stores to more offers before and after Christmas. Doing your research can also help you get a perfect bed.
Always watch out for promotions on Amazon, you may be lucky to get a mattress at a ridiculously low price.