Are you looking to get a new sewing chair to complement your sewing machine? Maybe your old chair is falling apart at the seams, or maybe you have back problems. Whatever the situation, you need to make sure that you pick the right chair since it’s something you’ll probably own for awhile. And there are a few things you need to consider before making a purchase.

The biggest and most important thing to consider when buying a sewing chair is how long you will be sewing. If you plan on sewing all day every day, you might want to consider getting an ergonomic chair. Or if you sew 4-5 hours a day most days, you should get a mid-price chair. Lastly, if you only sew for 1-2 hours a day and just want a decent cheap chair replacement, then consider picking a chair from the “cheap chair” category in this article.

However, another thing to consider when buying a sewing chair is if you have any injuries to your back. If you have a history of back pain or some form of scoliosis, you probably shouldn’t skimp on your office chair because it could cause you more pain than you need. Take a second to think about your budget. Did you spend more than $1000 on an electronic sewing machine? If so, maybe you should spend a good amount on a good office chair for sewing as well!

Best Sewing Ergonomic Chair $600-900+

What are the Best Sewing Chairs?

You have two good options in this price range. You can either go for the more stylish option or, the more “ergonomic looking option” for a lower price.

The more stylish option would be the Steelcase Leap. This is not a cheap chair in any stretch of the imagination. It’s $942 on Amazon. If you do get this chair, chances are your extended family will take it in after you die (I’ve had my Steelcase Leap Version 1 chair for 16 years as seen in my Steelcase Leap Review).

So what makes the chair so expensive? Well besides being able to adjust virtually every part of the chair to customize it to your body type, the chair also features a live back system that is flexible during movements to support your back. The premium build of this chair is also worth the high asking price. The arms are very solidly built, super adjustable (very good for sewing since you can adjust them so many different ways), and the materials just don’t wear down at all over time.

What are the Best Sewing Chairs?

The secondary option if you want an ergonomic chair would be the Ergohuman Chair. This chair is quite different from other chairs as we covered in our Ergohuman Review, but it’s also very good for people who love adjustments or who have particular needs (sore back, etc.). You can adjust the lumbar and upper part of the backrest independently to get the perfect fit, and the chair has awesome recline abilities.

Best Sewing Chair $300-400

What are the Best Sewing Chairs?


The mid-price sewing chair option is fairly ergonomic and a better experience than a super cheap option.

My favorite brand to recommend people in this price range is HON. They are a great brand with good customer service. You’ll find a lot of their ergonomic chairs in retail banks and other locations that have a lot of office workers.

However, their adjustments and lasting durability make them a great option for sewing. The chair that I would recommend in particular is the HON Ignition. We liked the HON Ignition in our HON Ignition review since it’s very adjustable and a good price point for the features. You can recline in this chair, adjust the arms, and it’s a good chair to sit in for about 4 hours before you might start to feel a bit stiff.

Best Sewing Chair for $50-100

What are the Best Sewing Chairs?

If you’re here just searching for a cheap replaceable chair, then I have two options for you. The OFM Posture Series chair is quite good, with lumbar support and plenty of adjustments available for the price which makes it a standout pick.

What are the Best Sewing Chairs?

Secondly, you can consider the Boss Office Products B315-BE chair. This is pretty much just your run of the mill standard swivel chair, but if you’re only sewing for an hour or two a day, it should be decently comfortable.