When the Xbox One came out, Microsoft lived up to the hype it had built going to the release of the console. Many users agree that it is their gaming console of choice hands down. Some of the biggest names in the gaming world can now work with the Xbox One.

Even those that had previously worked only for the PlayStation now have their Xbox One variants. Among the most impressive games for the Xbox One are the racing games. The current Xbox One racing games take full advantage of the capabilities of what the console has to offer for the best gaming experience.

If you are a fan of motor car racing and have just gotten your Xbox One, you have one of the best consoles to fulfill the gamer in you. We detail out some of the best games anyone can ask for for their Xbox One.

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Forza Horizon 3

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

Microsoft Gaming Studios outdid everyone else with this game. In fact, it is flat out the best racing game on the Xbox One. You have at your disposal more than 350 cars bringing out their beast modes unto the track. The racetracks are actual ones in Australia and the game did them justice. You can tweak almost everything about this game to your preferences. If you love speed, and carnage and the sound of racing cars, this is the game to consider for your exploits on an Xbox One.

Forza Motorsport 6

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

Forza Motorsport 6 is also from the Microsoft Gaming Studios and packs some of the best features in a racing game. It comes with a whopping 450 cars brought from the real world and recreated for your enjoyment. You can choose whatever car tickles your fancy in the real world to suit your speed and drift in the game. Microsoft did a great job in creating an excellent gaming console and the Forza line of racing games to go well with it. In Forza Motorsport 6, you can experience racing like never before with great effects and realistic features.

Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

This is a variant of the Forza Horizon 3 but set in a blizzard condition. Yes, a race in a snow storm. Controls in this game are much different from way you get in the normal conditions. First, you need snow tires to stand a chance against the other speedsters. Then you will do well to know that sharp turns are killers and thus steer clear of them. Learn to beat the snow and have fun with this game still from Microsoft Gaming Studios. The rest is fun and nothing less.

Dirt Rally

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

With 39 cars at your disposal, Dirt Rally by Codemasters is a game that takes you to some of the most iconic racing tracks around the globe. You get to race in Australia, Greece, Mexico and other great locations all with the best scenery and hungry competitors. You may realize that this game offers much more challenge than the others all due to the dirt roads you race on. It is an awesome game if you like rough races in the dirt as it gives you a chance to learn some neat racing tricks for other racing expeditions.

Forza Horizon 2

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

Think you’ve had enough of Forza? Not so fast! Just because it has collected some dust does not in any way mean that Forza Horizon 2 is outdated. With more than 200 of the world’s best cars to its name, the game has some of the best scenes and difficulty levels in any racing game. Have fun exploring some of the world’s best racetracks in these cars and competing with some of the most potent rivals any game can boast of. Not just that, this game brought to us some of the best graphics that to this moment still feel great.

F1 2016

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One


Before F1 2017 comes out and blows our minds away, we will still marvel at what Codemasters were able to do with the 2016 version of this great sport. It was the realest game of the racetrack rockets to date. It included all the drivers on the list, all the teams taking part and the other bells and whistles that come with the glorious game. Besides the races on the tracks, the game was the first one to include the issues behind the scenes such as the changing of tires and building of the car before the race.

Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

Building up on what it did with the Forza Horizon 2, Microsoft Gaming Studios brought out Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island which is one of the best games to ever grace the Xbox One console. It increases the level of challenge, the number of cars, and most definitely the fun out of it. Unlike the original version, this one adds on some more racetracks with the sandy theme being the most dominant one. It works flawlessly and offers the gamer a chance to wiggle their way to victory in a tough racing environment.

Project CARS

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

Bandai Namco Games worked had to bring to Xbox One lovers the Project CARS game. The game boasts of lots of customization including the driver of your choice, the car and the race you want to take part in. Most people will love the idea of being able to pick their races according to their levels of difficulty and skill levels. You can also choose to compete with other racers online in various types of races as you please. If you need a game to really push your skills to the top, this game offers a good challenge and learning experience.

Trials Fusion

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

Trials Fusion is a bike game by Ubisoft with all the features you need to have endless hours of fun. If you are a fan of bike games, nothing beats this game. You have a wide array of racetracks to pick from. Unlike cars whose only concern is getting ahead, bikes also need to be balanced while going at incredible speeds. It is fun and frustrating to make it a game worth any serious gamer’s valuable time. The number of races will also blow away your mind especially when you are the kind who get bored with repeating races.

Project CARS: Game of the Year Edition

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

If you loved the original Project CARS, you would have loved the Game of the Year Edition. It built on what the original version had already done (which was very impressive) and adds more features for some more fun. The additional features include 4 new tracks, more than 50 new cars and so much more. Anyone who had played the original game agrees that the new one cranked up the fun in more ways than they had anticipated. With this one, Bandai Namco Games made the ultimate racing game for its fans all around the world.

Forza Motorsport 5

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

The earlier version of the Forza Horizon 6 was (and still is) no gimmick. It was built on a good foundation laid by the very first name in the Forza line of games. With this one, you had the advantage of playing either with the console or with other drivers online. Either way, the challenge, the damage and the whole gaming experience was as real as it can get. Even up to this moment, few racing games on the Xbox One or other console can maybe the realness of Forza Horizon 5.

Mantis Burn Racing

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

Probably the only name from VooFoo Studios to make it to this list, Mantis Burn Racing was released just last year. It quickly became a hit especially with the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation. It is one of the only arcade games worth recommending to a serious gamer. The visuals are especially great to behold. The races are filled with adrenaline and the fun of arcade gaming comes out well in this one. The career mode offers a good challenge to the players making it one very addictive game to play.

TrackMania Turbo

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

Ubisoft does great work with its TrackMania brand of games. For this one, the focus is on having a perfect run around a given track. And there are more than 200 of these tracks to master. It is a game that’s easy to learn but hard to master as seen from our experience. The good news is that it is fun at every level of it. You don’t have to be an expert to play this game since it offers a way to learn your skills before you can actually test them out. You will definitely love the speed of the cars as they speed around the tracks.

Need for Speed: Rivals

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

Those of us who grew up playing Need for Speed will tell you in no uncertain terms that the Rivals version of the game is one of the best to ever come out of Electronic Arts. With various modes to choose from, the hours of fun will be taken care of by this game given its tough nature. You have to win a race against very potent rivals besides being chased by the police. In all versions of Need for Speed, there is this element of the police who give you a run for your money even when you are simply strolling through town minding your own business. When you hear the siren, you know you are in trouble. If you love the mayhem the police cause, there is a mode exactly for that where you can have the police chasing you through the city as you total them and earn bounty points.

Reptide GP: Renegade

Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

This game features a slew of racing hydro jets that hover above ground. The challenges are many and include balancing on the hover jet at insane speeds, negotiating corners at great speeds, evading obstacles when in the race such as boulders and waterfalls. You will definitely love playing this game given the amount of time Vector Unit took to give attention to detail. It is a colorful game that has enough speed to keep everyone interested at all times. Keep in mind that it is the only futuristic game we recommend since it’s the only one done right.


There you go! 15 great names to choose from for your Xbox One console. You have no excuse not to have fun with the console. The big brands are also promising game releases during the year so watch out for that. These games do not cost too much and if you want, you can have them all on your console. For the best fun, however, play them in groups of three where you finish one then replace it with another till you come through the list. That could take you quite some time.