The Need for Speed Gran Turismo Sport game will take motor car gaming to the next level in many ways. If you have played any version of Need for Speed, then you know what it means all these features going a notch higher.

To be released this year first exclusively for the PlayStation 4, the game will feature some great additions not seen in a racing game before. They include real cars in the Gran Turismo lineup with their matching specs for the ultimate showdown on the racetrack. There are also the original Gran Turismo cars to make the races even more epic.

New tracks are also included in the game with as life-like graphics as it can get. The game now has a way of training the racer to hone their skills and beat the competition. In Sport Mode, everyone has equal skills and the competition is as fair as it can get with this game. The live mode will bring together people from around the world to compete in a great race. Probably the best feature about it is the FIA Gran Turismo Digital License which is the equivalent of an actual motorsport license.

If you are looking to get this game (or any other impressive name), you will be pleased to know that there are many additions to the same you can make for the ultimate fun one of which is a racing wheel. Gaming wheels have many features that bring out the best in your gaming skills besides making the experience a whole lot better. There are many different names one can pick from.

However, if you want the best, you will find our list quite exhaustive. It has all the best racing wheels to be the ultimate driver on the race track.

For those confused about the inclusion of a gear shifter, it is a good addition to your racing experience. However, it will be a lot better to have a racing wheel that has a gear shift built into it rather than an independent piece.

Here is the list of the best racing wheels for the Need for Speed Gran Turismo Sport game:

HORI ApexPS4+PCReview
Thrustmaster T150PS4+PCReview
Logitech G29PS4+PCReview
Thrustmaster VG T300PS4+PCReview

Budget Option HORI Apex


For those in need of a basic gaming wheel, the Apex is an excellent choice. It can also be a great option for those intent on trying out what racing wheels are all about.

For $100, you get a racing wheel with pedals to match and great control on your gaming. The problem with this racing wheel has been that it requires some effort to turn the car to the direction you need. If you need a gaming wheel that packs, even more, features, head over to the next sections where we discuss them.

Mid-price Option Thrustmaster T150


This wheel measures a good 11 inches and has buttons right on the steering wheel for ease of reach. It responds so well to quick turns and hence better than the previous version. Even better is the fact that it includes vibrators that sync with the motion in the game. It thus improves the experience a notch higher compared to the previous offering.

The buttons on the wheel are also placed conveniently to allow the user of make changes to the game or boost their performance while playing. No need to reach out for any other controls away from the wheel.

The pedals are also very responsive making the game even more realistic. For a measly $95 above the previous version (total of $195), you get a much better looking and working racing wheel.

Premium Option Logitech G29


The G29 stands out as one of the premium racing wheels for the Need for Speed Gran Turismo Sport game with its $304 price point. It packs many premium features and inches as close to an actual racing car as possible.

It features genuine leather stitched by hand and made into a beautiful steering wheel cover. The steering wheel is also very responsive and mimics an actual car both on and off the road. The included vibrators and motors do an excellent job at bringing the game to life.

The other notable part about this racing wheel is the gearshifts located behind the steering wheel. They are made of premium stainless steel, and they stand out very well when racing your way to victory.

Simulation Experience Thrustmaster VG T300


For $469, you get as realistic a gaming wheel as possible in the VG T300. What makes the T300 the best and most expensive racing wheel is that it is an actual replica of a Ferrari steering wheel. The car firm (Ferrari) has licensed the use of their wheel and hence the premium parts found on the wheel. The wheel is covered in genuine leather stitched by hand from Italy. At the center of the steering wheel is brushed metal to give it a solid feel and look.

Inside the unit are parts produced to the standards of actual Ferrari cars and will make you a winner in the game of your picking. With the inclusion of new cars in the new Need for Speed game, this wheel will be your best companion as you conquer level after level of difficulty.

Considerations for Your Racing Wheel

To pick the best racing wheel, look for:

The Design

When you compare the wheels on the list above, you realize that the more expensive models are designed to look and work better than the cheaper variants. The materials that go into the wheel also determine how the wheel will weigh, look and even behave.

The Vibrators and Motors

You have to pick the wheel that brings out as much realistic experience as possible. While these features can be found in lower-tier models, the best-performing force feedback is found in the premium models that are very sensitive and will mimic real world conditions as much as possible. You can combine it with a premium gaming chair to have the most realistic of experiences in gaming.

The Wheel Rotation

The more a wheel rotates, the higher it will be closer to reality. Most lower tier wheels are limited to an 180-degree turn which is basically a half turn to either side. However, the premium models can allow up to 1000 degrees of steering ‘spinning’ and more just like in real cars. When riding a car in a game, you will feel more in control with cars that allow more steering wheel rotation.

LED Lights

You can do without LED lights but when you include them, the whole process of realism will be taken a notch higher. LED lights mimic the actual lights found in cars to allow you respond faster to gaming needs. Even better, they can be used to indicate the speed of your car to let you know at which speeds you are most comfortable when gaming. They most likely come at no extra cost to the racing wheel.

This guide offers four of the best racing wheels at different prices to cater for everyone with an interest in gaming. Be sure to try out the wheel before you make your purchase since you may realize that you can make lots of savings on given brands or the premium ones are not compatible with your console or PC.

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