If you’re a drone lover like myself, you value not only power, features, and flight times–but you also value portability. What’s the point of owning a drone if you never want to take it places due to it’s bulky size and large carrying case?

Small drones do have limitations, and we’ll cover some of them, but we’re here today to help you find the best portable drones. Now if you want the best cheapest drones, you might want to look elsewhere since these are the best portable drones–not the cheapest. This means that the drones on the list are high quality, great fliers, take great pictures, and have easy but fun flight features and optimizations.

So what are the best portable drones?

You really have two choices, that being the DJI Spark and the DJI Mavic Pro. The DJI Spark starts out around the $500 price range, whereas the DJI Mavic Pro goes for closer to $1000.

The DJI Spark is more portable since it’s only about the size of an average hand, or the length of a coke can. The Mavic Pro is still portable since you can fold it up, but it’s a tad bigger.

Each drone comes with a powerful 12MP camera with tons of image stabilization and compasses that keep flights buttery smooth for great photography and video sessions. Each drone uses the same DJI software as well, so you’ll get advanced play features like the ability to take a picture while waving your hand, the ability to use the drone as a sort of tripod, motion tracking, and more.

The Mavic Pro wins over the DJI Spark with better video capabilities since it can record in 4K. The larger size also means a bigger battery which gives you more flight time. The DJ Mavic Pro has about 20 mins of flight time while the DJI Spark goes for around 10 minutes. Additionally, the larger Mavic Pro has a larger flight radius of 4.3 miles compared to the Spark’s 1.4 mile radius (with provided controllers).

Unfortunately, a lot of the Spark’s capabilities feel muted by the small battery, since you won’t make it 1.4 miles on a charge. The DJI Mavic Pro is more capable, but the small size and battery also limits its flight duration.

Both drones–while portable, fly great. They have smart return-to-home features, obstacle avoidance, and great precision control.

If you want longer flight times, a 20MP camera, and an included controller and screen, perhaps check out the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Here’s a great table I made to compare some of these options.

PreviewDronePriceCameraFlight TimeReviewBuy
What are the Best Portable Drones? DJI Spark$490+12 MP, 1080P Video10-15Review
What are the Best Portable Drones? DJI Mavic Pro$970+12Mp, 4K Video20Review
What are the Best Portable Drones? DJI Phantom 4 Professional+$1,790+20MP, 4K Video30Review