The PlayStation VR is an incredible experience, and one that we’ve noted is selling very well. We loved the product in our PlayStation VR review here, but today we are here to show you some of the best PlayStation VR games out right now!

This bookmarkable mega-list is perfect for those who just got the PlayStation VR and needs some games to play, but it’s also excellent for those who are thinking about purchasing a PlayStation VR but want to know if there are good games out.

Batman Arkham VR

I’m sure you’ve heard of this game by now, but I had to put it on the list. It’s one of the best “triple A” types of games out on the PS VR, and in some ways already–it’s a system seller. While not overly long, or complicated, Batman Arkham VR is immersive, fun, and just plain cool. In the game, you place as Bruce exploring locations like the Batcave while trying to solve an overarching mystery.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Another popular game, but a good one nonetheless. Until Dawn Rush of Blood is a horror game at the core–and a fun game to turn on at parties to scare your VR noob guests. It isn’t for the faint of heart since it includes plenty of vicious clowns, zombies, scary theme parks, and jump scares.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

This is the game to get if you are craving mechs. Take the mechs from TitanFall 2 and introduce basketball, football, and plenty of other modes like deathmatch and you have RIGS. In a lot of ways, driving a mech feels like home in VR. In the game, you can use twenty-four different mechs with their distinct differences.

Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight is a unique third-person eagle flying game where you fly over the streets of Paris. In the game, you can collect items, complete challenges, and finish story missions while you perfect your flying methods. It’s immersive and quite relaxing–but there’s also a 3vs3 “capture the prey” game mode where you can battle it out in the sky.

Tumble VR

Tumble is a game that takes full advantage of the depth and control of the PlayStation VR vision, but also the move controllers. In the game, you can stack blocks, mirror laser beams, break shapes, solve puzzles, and play in single or multiplayer.

EVE: Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie is THE space fighting game to get on VR right now. No, it’s not the MMORPG sandbox space game where you spend a majority of your time worrying about mining routes or currency transactions. Instead, this is a dogfighting game at the core where you can participate in fast paced PVP Action with various game modes to keep you busy.


Part ping pong, part soccer game, HeadMaster is a unique title on the PS VR where you headbutt soccer balls at targets. It’s a light title, but fun nevertheless since it’s enhanced with a wacky sense of humor that feels like the Stanley Parable.

Super Stardust Ultra VR

Want Galaxy Wars on VR? Super Stardust Ultra VR feels just like Galaxy Wars with techno music, bright lights, and frantic shoot-em-up action. You have the classic top-down view, but you can also play the game in a frantic first person mode that gives the game a unique perspective.  

100ft Robot Golf

What would it be like if the Transformer’s played Golf? That’s the premise of this goofy game where you can play urban golf as huge robots. You can smash down buildings to take shots, play on the moon, or even play in snowy mountains with the tricky terrain. One reason I love VR games is because of games like this. It’s just weird and awesome as ****.

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite is often praised as one of the best virtual reality games. It’s strange since it doesn’t look like the best game–but this game is addictive and filled with unique visuals perfect for fans looking to experience another modern take on an old-school game.

PlayStation VR Worlds

If you bought the entire VR bundle, you already got PlayStation VR Worlds, but if you just got the headset, you might be interested in checking out this title. PlayStation VR Worlds is an essence a glorified demo experience, but it’s a great entry into the capabilities of the PlayStation VR, and some tiles like London Heist are incredible. You can act out life as a mobster for a short while, ducking for covering, smoking a cigar, and more. The game also includes other titles like Danger Ball, Scavengers Odyssey, and VR Luge which are all quite fun and different enough from each other to feel engaging.


If you love tanks and the movie Tron, you need to check out the brilliantly colored and stylized remake of the 80’s age old classic. In Battlezone you control tanks to fight against brutal enemies. The game is built around it’s randomly generated co-op campaign and is very replayable. It’s perfect for those who want an old school arcade type of game on VR.