In World of Warcraft, you control a character with an advanced number of abilities. Sure, over time, Blizzard has “dumbed down” or simplified classes compared to the bloated actionbars of Mists of Pandaria, but even now, there are much more abilities used in WoW than games like League of Legends.

You have defensive abilities, offensive abilities, healing abilities, macros, and various things to use in the game like potions as well. Without a gaming mouse with extra buttons, you might find your wrist being placed in awkward and sometimes odd angles–which, while playing the game for long periods of time, can become increasingly comfortable or even lead to wrist injury.

Not only that, but these long finger movements can waste microseconds that could affect your play style. In this listicle, we’ve found and personally tested some of the best mouses suited for MMORPG game styles.

#1 Best Mouse Option for Wow – Corsair Scimitar

What is the Best Mouse for World of Warcraft?

If you want the most premium best option for WoW, then the Corsair Scimitar is the best option for numerous reasons. The mouse has a similar grip to the Razer Naga, almost to a “t”, and it feels cast from a similar mold. However, this means it’s a tried and tested grip and I found it super comfortable and useable the first time I tested it.

Besides the comfortable grip, I would say that the mouse has a weightier feel to it that feels great in the hand. The materials used on the top have a nice slick but textured feel that feels less plasticky than the Razer Naga and not prone to slippage.

The side of the mouse is also super customizable, and the buttons are on a sort of sliding system that allows you to adjust the 1-12 buttons forward and backward horizontally to get the optimal placement for your thumb. I love this feature since it lets me get the perfect position for my long thumb which means the 10-12 buttons are actually useable without forcing my thumb into an awkward angle.

Above the button panel is a RGB lighting panel that switches color based on your DPI setting. With the corsair software, you can customize this color a bit, but it proves troublesome. The option to change the color is hidden within the app and it’s not explicit that the color panel is related to DPI–which is basically the sensitivity of your mouse interactions.

However, it’s a cool thought since the color does let you know which setting you have and it’s cool that it changes on the fly based on your DPI setting.

The mouse also has a colored LED Corsair logo on the top, and the middle mouse wheel also has RGB lighting. The mouse wheel doesn’t go side to side, however, like the Naga can.

Overall the Corsair Scimitar MMO mouse has the most premium feel, comfortable design, and advanced features from a gaming MMORPG mouse–but it’s also slightly more expensive than the other options.

What is the Best Mouse for World of Warcraft?

#2 Most Tried and True MMORPG Mouse – Razer Naga

What is the Best Mouse for World of Warcraft?

The Razer Naga MMO mouse was one of the first MMO mouses on the market, and it’s made a name for itself. I’ve used this mouse for a number of years, and it’s held up pretty well.

However there is some credibility to the rumors that these things die after a few years since I did encounter a bug with the scroll wheel which makes it zoom in twice whenever I nudge the scroll wheel a fraction. So basically, the scroll wheel sucks after 2 years of intense gaming–which isn’t the worse timeframe right?

Anyway, the mouse has a good grip with a side grippy texture, 1-12 colored green buttons (or more if you get the “chroma” variant and a good standard wide grip. The first Naga had a more claw-like grip which some users prefer, but I found myself getting use to the Naga’s grip very easily.

It’s a good mouse, but I find that the Scimitar is similar in all of the good ways, but feels more premium with a bit more weight, heavier clicks, more adjustability, and the same coloration schemes and RGB features. I do think, however, that Razor’s software is better (still not amazing) and not as much of a headache.

What is the Best Mouse for World of Warcraft?

#3 Another Option? Cheapest WoW MMO Mouse Logitech G600

What is the Best Mouse for World of Warcraft?

Another popular and solid option is the G600 mouse. This is probably my least favorite option, so I won’t dive too much into it. The reason is that the mouse is SUPER wide and only those who prefer very wide grips will like this mouse. The mouse features similar buttons to the other mice (1-12), good RGB options, and a similar rubber texture on the side. Overall, a decent mouse, but still not as comfortable as the previous options.

What is the Best Mouse for World of Warcraft?

#4 Most Creative Option? Bloody ML160

What is the Best Mouse for World of Warcraft?

The G600, Corsair Scimitar, and the Naga are all pretty similar in design and function. Each mice has a wide grip, 1-2 buttons on the side, and RGB options. However, the Bloody ML160 does something different with its button placement which is very interesting.

Instead of putting the buttons on the side, the mouse gives you 1-9 where your right finger would normally click. There is also some more buttons between the two click areas. This is really a cool option and design–and it might even be advancing the MMO mouse design more than the other mice, but not one I see as super practical. Users find that the mouse is a bit unreliable as well with limited customizable RGB options, poor software, and shoddy reliability with the buttons.

What is the Best Mouse for World of Warcraft?