Gaming chairs are great owing to their addition of a bigger layer of comfort to the gamer. While your couch or other chair may be comfortable when battling zombies, a good gaming chair will ensure that your whole body is comfortable when gaming. This ensures that you can play for hours on end without ever needing a rest or, better yet, avoid any form of fatigue.

Most typical gaming chairs come packed with many features such as speakers, a pedestal, and even motors and vibrators that rhyme with the sound from the game.

However, if you want something simpler and yet still very comfortable, you can get yourself a simpler chair that you can pull up to your desk and do some work once done with the game. For that reason, we gathered some mesh back chairs that you can use for your gaming. The mesh back support ensures you don’t sweat when gaming or doing other tasks.

Herman Miller Aeron

What are the Best Mesh Gaming Chairs?

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the best multi-function chairs anyone can have. One of the main features to notice on it is the breathable mesh back support. This will make sure that no matter how many zombies Resident Evil throws your way; you remain composed enough to find those head shots.

Besides that, the chair generally looks and feels great. First, it has so many adjustment positions that no gaming position will be uncomfortable. You can adjust the arms, height, lower back support, how much you want to recline backward and many other aspects. The chair is made of soft materials that provide a massaging effect from comfort. It is available from Amazon at $939.

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Vertagear Triigger Chair

What are the Best Mesh Gaming Chairs?

Another chair you should put into consideration when seeking a mesh gaming or office chair is the Vertagear Triigger. This chair packs many features in a small frame. You get the stripped down design with the breathable mesh back support for long gaming hours with comfort.

The first thing you notice once you put this chair to use is the ease with which you can adjust it. You can tweak the chair’s height, position of the arms and other parts as you wish. It even comes with a lower back cushion for ease of getting the perfect sitting position.

The other aspect to take note of with this chair is the level of comfort you get with it. It comes with high quality reinforced DuPont mesh that retains its tension for years to come. It comes at just $600 on Amazon and other online platforms.

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Basyx by HON Mesh Task Chair

What are the Best Mesh Gaming Chairs?

For your gaming exploits to be even more enjoyable, how about a double layer of mesh for your back? That is what you get with this chair. The double layers ensure that cool air passed through while providing better back support.

Like the other chairs mentioned here, the Basyx offers many levels of adjustment to provide even more comfort. The height, arms and other parts can be easily adjusted to provide the exact position one needs for their gaming. That ensures that, whether you are using a PC or a console for yourgaming, you are comfortable enough to conquer whole levels before taking a break.

The chair’s price is what will convince most buyers. At just $175, you get yourself a great chair with various adjustment positions and a mesh back support to keep you gaming or working for hours on end.

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Modway Articulate Black Mesh Office Chair

What are the Best Mesh Gaming Chairs?

If you go to the market seeking to find a chair that is both simple and affordable but without any compromises in quality and comfort, look no further than this one from Modway. It is easy to use this chair owing to its simple look. While other chairs go for packing many features and messing up the look, the Modway Articulate keeps it simple.

Also, most other seats only use the mesh on the back, this seat uses it on the back and the bottom to give it a good feeling when in use. It is easy to conclude that the style of employing mesh on the whole chair is a winner as the result is simple comfort without the need for too many parts. The mesh on the bottom benefits from having a cushion that makes it even more comfortable. Keep in mind that the chair only costs $112 on Amazon.

Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair, Black

What are the Best Mesh Gaming Chairs?

The Alera Elusion Series chair is one chair that will be at home in the office, before a gaming console and just about anywhere a good chair is needed. Even better is the fact that it costs just $215 on Amazon. In fact, it is one of the best chairs to get for multiple functions in your home.

The chair boasts of a breathable mesh back support for those moments you need to sit at your game for hours (when you have a new release). The back mesh allows air to flow through the back for a cool feeling while at the same time providing a comfortable back.

The rest of the chair is also very impressive owing to the many adjustment levels you have with the chair. You can change its height, the position of the arms and various other parts. At its base is a five arm swivel with each arm having a pair of wheels for stability and short distance movements when gaming.

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What to look for in a mesh gaming chair?

You can pick various aspects that you like in a gaming chair but with multi-function chairs, there is a twist to the whole picking exercise. First, you need to know exactly what you want the chair to have. You may want to use the chair for your home gaming and still pull it to your desk for some serious work. All the seats we have analyzed here carry out various functions without ever looking out of place. Here is what to look for to find the right chairs.

The looks – while some chairs have the needed bells and whistles, their looks will restrict them to certain areas in your home. Keep in mind that a multifunction chair is called so because it looks at home with every function you put it to. If you get a beefy chair into your gaming area, it will definitely look out of place. Also, if you bring a chair with a pedestal and set of speakers to the office, it will draw weird looks.

The features – in this review, the focus has been gaming chairs with back mesh. If you are going for a gaming chair that you can also use for the office desk or chilling time on the balcony, better get one with a mesh back as you will enjoy the coolness of the feature.

The price – you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars on a chair with features you can get with a few hundred dollars.

With these considerations in mind, you realize that the chairs mentioned here are the best you can get whether you are on a budget or not. Get one and let the fun begin.