Choosing a case for a beautiful phone like the Samsung Note 7 can almost feel like a crime. In fact, every time I get a new smartphone I marvel at the beauty of the design only to cringe slightly every time I put a case on it. I tell myself it’s the best, with images of a shattered screen in my mind preventing me from taking it off.

The truth is, a lot of cases out there are ugly. But when you put a chance on your phone, it doesn’t have to be ugly if you choose the right case. And it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet either. In this list of the best looking Samsung Note 7 cases, I’ve hand picked the best-looking cases you can find on release.

Sure some of this list is subjective, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that a majority of cases are just plain ugly. Cases are either durable, good looking, or somewhere in between. In this list, I have cases of varying degrees of durability but don’t be mistaken, ALL of them are good looking.

5 Best Looking Samsung Note 7 Cases

#1 Spigen Neo Hybrid $14.99

5 Best Looking Samsung Note 7 Cases


The Spigen Neo Hybrid series has been here awhile, and for each Samsung phone iteration,  it has gotten better. I had the Spigen Neo Hybrid on the Galaxy S4, and it was one of the best-looking cases then, and still is now. Back then the buttons on the side weren’t clicky enough–instead a little mushy. Now in previous iterations, they’ve improved how the buttons handle, with truly tactile buttons.

The Neo Hybrid is always a great case to buy for Samsung phones since they look good and provide a decent amount of protection. This iteration is no different since the Neo Hybrid series has a raised lip to protect the screen from drops as well as a contoured bumper frame that looks quite slick. The case uses a dual layer system to safeguard your Note 7 with a hard bumper and a more flexible backside and inside layer.

#2 Spigen Rugged Armor $9.99

5 Best Looking Samsung Note 7 Cases

Unlike the Spigen Neo Hybrid, the Rugged armor is just a one-layer case. It’s soft and flexible but also has tactile buttons and plenty of room around the edges to protect from drops. The case has unique contoured framing at both the top and bottom of the back of the case giving it a unique appearance and good grips.

Overall, this is a simpler case than the Neo Hybrid that will have the same result without the same sleekness.

#3 Obliq Dual Metal Case $16.99

5 Best Looking Samsung Note 7 Cases

If you want something a bit more flashy and less color neutral, you could try out the Obliq Dual Metal case. This case comes in some fun colors like teal, pink, white, navy blue, and a lighter shade of pink. The case is mainly glossy, but the textured slip resistance grip at the bottom gives it a nice look. The inside layer of the case is similar to that of the Neo Hybrid giving the case plenty of drop protection and durability.

#4 Spigen Thin Fit Case $9.99

5 Best Looking Samsung Note 7 Cases

If you want a SUPER thin case, check out the Spigen Thin Fit case. This is one SLEEK looking phone giving the Note 7 the elegance it deserves. This case looks amazing in black, weighs only .04 LB, and has plenty of wide ports for device plug-ins.

#5 OEAGO Case $5.99

5 Best Looking Samsung Note 7 Cases

Lastly, we have the OEAGO Case which stands out for its bright colors, more squarish appearance, and textured anti-slip ergonomic grip. This case also features a hard polycarbonate back and silicone inside. The only bad thing about this case is that it makes your Note 7 look more like an iPhone, but something about it’s grippy back, and bold color scheme make it stand out from the back. It’s low price also doesn’t hurt.

Did we miss any of the best looking Samsung Note 7 cases? Let us know in the comments below!