There are going to be a lot of cases for the iPhone 7. A lot of good cases, bad cases, generic cases, and cases that would be perfect for a construction worker who dropped their iPhone off a high rise. But not all of use want those cases.

Some of us want cases that complement or even improve how we handle our iPhone 7–while at the same time providing sufficient protection. These cases I’ve picked out are cases that are tried and true, iterated across multiple phone generations, and overall just good solid, affordable cases.

All of these cases are also lacking the incredibly stupid circle hole that some cases use nowadays (my opinion is that this makes your phone extremely hard to hold). Also, I would recommend using one of the tempered glass screen protectors with all of these cases for added protection of your screen.

Best Looking Cases for iPhone 7

OEAGO Anti Skid

Best Looking Cases for iPhone 7

Oeago’s cases look very similar across the board, but I’ve always thought this is one of the best-looking cases you can get for a phone since the color stands out, and the design is minimalist but still protective. It’s very functional since the textured design on the back is grippy, and the lip is generous enough to protect against face-flat falls.

Spigen Air Cushion

Best Looking Cases for iPhone 7

I’ve had the Spigen Air Cushion on my iPhone 6 since it came to me in December 2014. While the device has turned somewhat gold (my phone is gold), the case has no nicks, bruises, or any indication of wear. I love the grip this case provides, the clearness that shows off the phone, and the protection. It’s also super cheap, easy to put on, and one of the most reliable cases you can find.

Neo Hybrid

Best Looking Cases for iPhone 7

If you want some similar protection as the air cushion, but want a fancier look, consider checking out the Neo Hybrid. This is another case iteration that has seen some excellent improvements in the past years from model to model.

I’ve been testing out the Hybrid since the Samsung Galaxy S4, and this iPhone 7 version has a new textured dotted back that looks super sleek, as well as plenty of protection from the dual, layered cased design with hard and soft shell combination.

Tozo Ultra-Thin Case

Best Looking Cases for iPhone 7

If you want a case that is more thin and sleek than durable and resilient, but still easy on the eyes, check out the Tozo Ultra-Thin Case. This case is super thin at only .35mm that still has a raised edge to protect your screen.  Make sure to use this screen protector, so you don’t have to worry about the screen breaking from high drops or scuffles.

Sparkle Case

Best Looking Cases for iPhone 7

If you’re a lady or a fabulous guy, you might be interested in this ritzy sparkly phone case for the iPhone 7. Sure this case is a looker, but it also has multiple layers to protect your phone as well as a shock absorption bumper and protection edge.

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