2016 is the first year for VR since all of the major headsets have come to market. We’ve reviewed each one, and even compared them here, but now today–we are going to look at the best games from each offering.

HTC has partnered with Valve, which means most of the games you will play for the HTC Vive are on Steam. A lot of games are mostly “demo” experiences, but there are also a lot of good solid games out right now to experiment with.

I’m not going to mention titles like Job Simulator or Title Brush since you’ve most likely heard of them–but instead, titles that are less popularized by meme images–or by popular discussion. If you haven’t bought a VR headset, and are thinking of what “real” games you could try if you did buy one, this is a good list for you.

Onward (Tactical FPS Sim)

Best HTC Vive Games

Most other games on this list are very immersive, and one of them is a fun co-op game, but this is the only game that feels truly multiplayer. Onward is kind of like CS GO, or Battlefield, but also like Project Reality. The game has a unique suppression system to simulate real bullets hitting objects, a radio system to use, a huge variety of weapons and weapon attachments, and a bunch of maps that each feel unique. The game doesn’t have much singleplayer to offer, however, but if you’re looking for a hardcore immersive military sim experience to play with others–this title can’t be beaten, yet.

Raw Data (Sci-Fi Shooter)

Best HTC Vive Games

While it’s a bit expensive and system intensive, and still in early access, Raw Data is a unique Sci-Fi game on VR with plenty of combat mechanics to learn and enjoy. There are a ton of enemies to fight and multiple ways in which to do so. You can place turrets, throw swords, and use other abilities to fight against reality in which China takes over the world. You can choose from a variety of different classes (heroes), and share your experience in online co-op. If you love action-combat games with creative ways to kill enemies, this is your game.

Vanishing Realms (Fantasy RPG)

Best HTC Vive Games

Vanishing Realms is probably the most immersive game-like experience you can get on the HTC Vive right now. For only $19.99 you probably shouldn’t expect quality like Skyrim–but for an entry level VR experience, the game has plenty of monsters to fight, good combat, plenty of locations to explore, and immersive mechanics like the ability to eat food. Audio is very immersive, and the motion tracking feels spot on. It’s simply the best RPG experience out right now.

Snowday (FPS Snowball Fighter)]

Best HTC Vive Games

This is a new game, but who wouldn’t want to play VR in a snow fight? Maybe you live too far from real snow, or you love snow fighting but hate the cold–whatever the case, this game looks like a blast and introduces a new dynamic/type/setting of the game not commonly seen before. Usually, we shoot at each other with guns, not snowballs…

VR The Diner Duo (Cooking Sim)

Best HTC Vive Games

If you love games like Cooking Mama or Overcooked, or you just want to live out the life of a McDonald’s Chef, VR The Diner Duo is the game you want. The game forces you into the role of a cook, and you have to keep your customers happy. The catch is that the game requires two people, one Chef, and one waiter.

The Chef uses the VR headset and the controllers whereas the waiter uses the keyboard or a gamepad. It’s one of the best co-op games on the VR headset ever, and it’s perfect for any audience (even if your friend or girlfriend isn’t a gamer). Things can get tense as you attempt to satisfy customers and their increasingly complex orders!

Here’s an example of what could happen as experienced from a Steam user:

“I said TWO #10’s and a single with ketchup!”, she yells from across the diner.

“That’s what I made, right?…wait…ahhh crap, I forgot the cucumber! And what does that guy near the window want?”, he queries.

Holopoint (Archery Sim)

Best HTC Vive Games

If you want an active VR game, you should check out Holopoint. It’s a wave defense game at the core where you shoot arrows at enemies to survive. Each time you shoot an enemy, they shoot back, and once you understand the pattern and dynamics of this control scheme, the game starts to feel like an elegant dance. It’s all about positioning and accuracy, and since the game controls well with accurate tracking, shooting arrows have never felt so good. 

Kittypocalypse (Tower Sim)

Best HTC Vive Games

If you like tower defense games, you should check out Kittypocalypse. The game might have a silly theme, but the level design, as well as the depth in weapons and enemy types, is quite good.

The challenge feels just right, and the controls feel smooth–whereas the VR component gives you unique perspectives of the battles, buildings, and environments. For completionists out there, upgrades and progression are plentiful as well.


Best HTC Vive Games

If you are craving zombies, you have to try out HordeZ. Yes, I know, it’s another “Z” game, but it’s the best zombie game out right now for the Vive. It’s a blend between Doom, Left 4 Dead, and House of the Dead. In the game, you defeat eight different levels with multiple weapon combinations, monster types, pickups, and the best part is that you can even play the game co-op with a friend.

The Solus Project

Best HTC Vive Games

While it wasn’t made for VR, the Solus Project feels home on the platform. In the game, you can explore multiple environments on an alien planet. The planet even has caves, tombs, and multiple secrets to find.

The environments are richly detailed and incredibly immersive on the Vive ,especially when you use high-quality headphones to experience the unique sound design and see the weather/climate system up close and personal (tornadoes much?). The game also feels like a good value, since there’re tons of secrets to discover as well as ways to upgrade your stats. If you live and breathe survival games, this is one of the best experiences on the Vive.


Best HTC Vive Games

RecRoom is sort of like Wii Sports. But it’s even better  since yo u actually feel like you are your avatar. You can dress up, and play a variety of games with other people and you can even socialize through emotes and live voice chat. If you want a free social experience to try tout, RecRoom is one of the best games out right now.