For those in need of a great chair but without the budget to get one, how about a great knockoff? That is exactly what you get with the Alera Elusion Series multifunction chair. Of all the Herman Miller Aeron knockoffs we put to test, this one came out on top.

The Herman Miller Aeron is known for its wide range of adjustments, durability, and mesh construction. It’s a great ergonomic chair, but the price range is often out of the question for a lot of budget consumers. The price range of a Herman Miller starts at around $940, and can easily stretch past $1000 with multiple upgrades. Sure, this chair will last you for years and years, but still–that’s just too much for some people especially if they haven’t tried the chair to see how comfortable it is.

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Why the Alera Elusion Series Chair?

What is the Best Herman Miller Aeron Knockoff?

Having a good chair in your office is both a good point when it comes to being comfortable and boosting your confidence. With the Alera Elusion Series is one chair that will make you comfortable and give off a good impression to your clients for a very manageable price.

The chair can be put to various uses (hence the multifunction term) meaning that you can have it for the desk, the home table or even the gaming area. The back is made of breathable mesh which allows for fresh air to pass through to avoid sweaty backs during work. Various levels of adjustment to provide for the best levels of comfort. It is made of cushion fabric that provides for comfort to the legs when seated for long hours.

Price of Alera Elusion Series Chair

The Alera Elusion Series will set you back by just $155 on Amazon. When you consider the level of comfort and price of this chair, it is a great deal to anyone. It ought to be known that this chair offers many levels of adjustments which means that anyone can find their favorite sitting position with this chair. The back mesh is both an aesthetic and comfort feature that many users will welcome at that price.


What is the Best Herman Miller Aeron Knockoff?

  • Many levels of adjustment for the back, the height, the position of the arms and others.
  • Breathable back mesh for comfort in hot weather and during long hours of work.
  • The seat cushion is contoured with premium fabric making it easy to the body.
  • The seat has a waterfall cushion that ensures the feet are comfortable when in use.
  • Five feet each with wheels on its end for ease of movement when seated at a wide desk.
  • Good overall look with easy-to-reach adjustments.


There are many good things about this chair. For a start, the price is at a level most users will find very comfortable. Most users want something cheap enough to warrant buying without any regrets and this chair does that quite well. Also, there is the aspect of using it for various purposes. Few chairs can be used for the office and still provide good comfort for other purposes such as simple relaxation and other tasks like gaming. Also, it provides many levels of adjustments which is a good point as far as comfort is concerned.

Anything Bad about the Alera Elusion Series Chair?

The chair lacks lumbar support which is one of the main features to consider when buying a chair for the office or gaming. However, the back is shaped well enough to provide support for the party seated even for long hours.

Although not a deal breaker, the lack of lumbar support is a point that may make some users look elsewhere. However, the lack of lumbar support is more than compensated for by the great back support provided by this chair.

Final Thoughts

This is a good chair for anyone on a budget as it offers great features at a great price. You get the idea that you have a bargain chair that you can put to many uses with ease. Anyone looking for a good chair for their office or home use will be lucky to have this chair.

While it lacks the lumbar support, it is quite comfortable given that it provides firm and yet comfortable support for the back. For a fraction of an actual Herman Miller Aeron chair, you get a chair that deserves all the praise it can get in terms of comfort and looks. The adjustment levels also make this chair score many points.

What is the Best Herman Miller Aeron Knockoff?