If you already have a racing wheel, and a racing seat, you might be in the market for a gear shifter to complete your immersive racing simulation. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many options out there. You only have two options, and I’ll break down each option below so you can figure out if it’s the right gear shifter for you.

Gear shifters are used in real racing cars, and it can even be a great way to learn how to drive a stick shift.

If you don’t have your racing wheel yet, check out these resources:

G Driving Force Shifter

What are the Best Gear Shifters for PC, Xbox One, PS4?

Budget Device – Compatible with G920 and G29

If you’re on a budget, the G Driving Force Shifter is a great choice since it only costs around $50. It has premium build quality with a leather boot and realistic knob.

The shifter has six speeds, a pushdown reverse, and an “H” pattern for smooth, realistic shifting. You can mount this shifter to a table or a racing rig. The only bad thing about this shifter is that it’s only compatible with two racing wheels like the G920 and G29.

What are the Best Gear Shifters for PC, Xbox One, PS4?

Thrustmaster TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter

What are the Best Gear Shifters for PC, Xbox One, PS4?

Compatible with Every Racing Wheel on PC – Premium Price / Build Quality

The second option, the TH8A is a much more expensive shifter. It’s usually sold on Amazon around $170, but since the entire device is almost metal, it makes sense.

The actual stick is bigger and more in line of what you’d get in a racing car, and the resistance inside the shifter is much better. Comparing the TH8A to the G Driving Force Shifter is like comparing a Ferrari to a Honda Accord.

Like the G Driving Force Shifter, however, the TH8A is only compatible with the T500RS, Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500, T300RS and T300 Ferrari GTE racing wheels on the PS3/PS4. On Xbox One, it only works with the TX Racing Wheel. But with PC, it works with ALL racing wheels on the market.

What are the Best Gear Shifters for PC, Xbox One, PS4?

Advantages with Racing Gear Shifters?

So besides being cool, do these gear shifters help you drive better?

Well, yes actually. I’ve talked to many people who have found that shifting gears this way not only feels more natural and fun, but more accurate as well than traditional paddle shifting on a racing wheel.