If you’re an Xbox fan or a PS4 enthusiast, you might be looking for a chair to get comfortable with in front of the TV. It’s not always possible to get a huge couch depending on your space, and you might lack the funds to do so. Or maybe, you have your little man cave that you want the “perfect” chair for.

This list is a great compilation of some of the best-received chairs for console gamers or any gamer who wants an immersive and comfortable gaming chair experience. These chairs all have speakers, and some even have pedestals to give you a bit more elevation.

Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers for Xbox One, PS4, PC?

How can you decide which rocker gaming chair to choose? Aren’t they all the same?

Well, kinda. Most X-Rocker chairs come with their own styles, but most of the chairs have the same great sound quality. You need to decide if you want a pedestal or not since it depends on how low to the ground you want to be. The more expensive X-Rockers have more padding and more expensive materials used.

Most X Rocker chairs come with their own styles, but most of the chairs have the same great sound quality. You need to decide if you want a pedestal or not since it depends on how low to the ground you want to be. The more expensive X Rockers have more padding and more expensive materials used.

If you want the most features, then get the X Rocker 51259 (has 4 speakers and more vibration motors), but if you value a pedestal you’ll have to consider more expensive options which just vary in style and design.

PreviewNameComfortSound QualityPriceReview
X Rocker 51396review
X-Rocker 5125401review
X-Rocker 5129101review
X Rocker 51092review
X Rocker 51259review
X Rocker 5143601review
Proxelle Video Game Chair
V Rocker 5130301 SEreview

#1 X Rocker 51396

If you have a decently sized budget around $230, then the X Rocker 51396 is the best option for a gaming chair with great speakers. The chair is built on a pedestal to give you good viewing angles, and the two speakers have built-in subwoofers with 2.1 AFM sound technology. The wireless receiver works with any RCA stereo outputs, and it has optional RCA cables inside the package.

The chair is quite comfortable with decent padding and ergonomic design with swivel ability. Reception of the chair is very good especially for larger users who think the size is great, and the leather materials used not only look premium but feel great as well. Also, the sound is consistently praised.

#2 X Rocker 5125401

If you like the racing look of the 5125401, it’s a great purchase since it stands out from the rest of the X Rocker chairs in terms of design. Due to the cutouts on the headrest, and the leather-type material used, this X Rocker feels super sleek and cool. Like other variations, it still has two speakers and a subwoofer as well as a built-in wireless receiver.

#3 X Rocker 5129101

The X Rocker 5129101 is a similar chair without such a bulky leathery appearance. This chair is a bit cheaper at around $190, but it still has great features like four speakers with subwoofers, wireless receiver, and built-in swivel base for good viewing angles.

The reception on this chair is excellent from tall users and shorter users alike with compliments towards sound quality and the cushioning in the chair.

#4 X Rocker 51092

If you want a chair that looks like it’s built for Spider-man, this is the perfect gaming chair with speakers. Like the other two chairs, this chair has excellent speakers with subwoofers as well with a built-in wireless receiver. The chair even has built-in vibration motors with sync with bass tones to fully immerse yourself in games or movies. The arms can also be adjusted as well.

Reception for this chair is also very good since tall and short users alike seem to be comfortable in it. However, some extra tall users find that the armrests are a little low.

#5 X Rocker 51259

If you don’t want a pedestal, this X Rocker is a great choice since it looks super sleek and it’s super padded. This time you get even more speakers, which is a surprise since it’s cheaper. Instead of 2 speakers, you get 4. The chair also has additional vibration motors to make your experience even more comfortable and the armchairs are padded.  I would warrant that this is even a better chair than the X Rocker 51396  and the chairs before it, in terms of features, but it doesn’t have a pedestal which leads it to a cheaper price.

#6 X Rocker 5143601

The X Rocker 5143601 is one of the sleekest gaming chairs with speakers around. However, just because it looks good, doesn’t mean that it lacks important features like a 2.1 sound system, wireless audio transmission, side panel controls, and a good ergonomic design. The chair allows you to flip the arms out of the way if you want to as well.

The reception on this chair is very good, even for taller users. Many users love to play Destiny with this chair, and it still is comfortable even for long gaming sessions. However, there are some complaints that the arms are a bit too low and that the chair feels too low to the ground.

#7 Proxelle Video Game Chair

The Proxelle Video Game Chair is built straight from the future, but the best part is that the chair is very affordable and it costs around $120. The chair has built-in speakers, and due to the unique design, it’s even foldable. So this way, you can hide the chair from your wife or clean up after your kids when it’s not in use!

Reception for this chair is quite good as well, but there are a few complaints that the speakers don’t get loud enough.

#8 V-Rocker 5130301 SE

If you’re on a strict budget, or you want to get a gaming chair for your kids, the V-Rocker 5130301 SE is a great solution. This chair might not be SUPER comfortable, but it’s foldable and has all of the audio features that you’d find in the other chairs, even if the sound quality might not be quite as amazing.

Why Use Rocker-Type Gaming Chair for Consoles?

What’s the advantage of these types of gaming chairs?

Gaming chairs offer a wide range of features that you wouldn’t get in a normal chair. You get great sound quality, improved ergonomic, and vibration motors inside the chairs make your gaming even more fun.


Most gaming chairs feature some sort of unique sound system within the chair. Once you actually use a surround sound gaming chair with speakers, you’ll notice a HUGE difference with the surround sound capabilities. When a grenade goes off next to you for example, or an explosion, you’ll almost feel it.

Convenient Storage

A lot of the chairs on this list are actually foldable, which makes it very easy to move these chairs around or get them out of the way. Whether you don’t want your kids hogging the living room, or your wife nagging you, these chairs are perfect.

Perfect Gift

If you’re a wife, girlfriend, mom, or just someone who knows a gamer, rocking gaming chairs with speakers are the perfect gift.

Best Gaming Chairs for PC?

This list focused on the best gaming chairs for a “console” or TV-like experience. However, if you’re looking for a chair that is better for PC gaming or desk gaming experiences, check out this DXRacer master guide or this DXRacer alternative chair guide which focuses on more unique gaming chair options than DXRacer.

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