Destiny 2 will be coming out in the fall of 2017 for Xbox One and PS4 systems. This online shooter will be made with many returning characters plus some new ones. The game is especially being promoted as being like World of Warcraft in that people can explore the Destiny 2 world, build their characters and compete with or against others in a variety of ways.

The game will provide you with plenty of exciting and fun gaming sessions. You should look at getting a quality gaming chair that can work with Destiny 2, what with the game often having long missions that take a while for you to play. You need a chair that is comfortable and easy to sit in for a while. Anything that makes the sounds in your game a little more immersive helps too.

Here are a few of the better options to find when looking for a gaming chair that works with Destiny 2. These include many chairs that come with speakers.

PreviewNameComfortSound QualityPriceReview
X Rocker 51396review
X-Rocker 5125401review
X-Rocker 5129101review
X Rocker 51092review
X Rocker 51259review
X Rocker 5143601review
Proxelle Video Game Chair
V Rocker 5130301 SEreview

X Rocker 51396


The X Rocker 51396 is a chair which comes with its own pedestal. It has two speakers with subwoofers inside each plus 2.1 AFM sound technology. It uses a wireless receiver that links to RCA stereo outputs and even comes with its own RCA cables if needed. The padding is comfortable and is made with smooth leather outside materials. The comfortable chair is easy to sit in and provides enough support for your natural body shape.

X Rocker 5125401


Made with a black and red racing-inspired design, this has a leather-like material that is smooth and comfortable. The two speakers are accompanied by a subwoofer and a wireless receiver that makes it easier for you to hear all the sounds coming out of the game.

X Rocker 5129101


Available for less than $200, this X Rocker chair uses four speakers with subwoofers and a swivel base. It also uses a bright red body with some black accents all the way around. This is especially great for big and tall users.

X Rocker 51092


The intriguing design of the X Rocker 51092 is accentuated by the great vibration feature built inside its body. The motors work with all the bass tones that are projected within a game. You can adjust the arms on this chair too. The speakers also work with subwoofers to create a greater design all the way through. This is ideal for short and tall users alike.

X Rocker 51259


The last chair to see is the X Rocker 51259, a model that does not come with a pedestal but has a great padded body. It has four speakers and vibration motors that work with the bass tones in your game. The padded armrests are also made to be soft and easy to enjoy using. The speaker support especially makes this chair useful.


These five chairs are good choices for your Destiny 2 gaming needs. No matter what you choose, you’ll have something comfortable and easy to play the game with.

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