A quality gaming chair for racing should be one that offers a design that is not only comfortable but also realistic. This is to get you into the game with a seated setup that can support a control scheme with a wheel and pedal system.

What Is the Best Gaming Chair For Racing?

The best gaming chair that you can use for racing needs is the Openwheeler Advanced Racing Simulator. This chair is available in six different colors and offers an experience unlike any other. It is not only easy to sit in but it also gives you a comfortable and relaxed feeling all the way through. Best of all, it can work with a variety of systems.

How It’s Designed

The Openwheeler chair uses a soft body all the way around. It is made with comfortable and cushioned fabric material around a steel base. The curves around the chair can fit your body quite well.

This comes with a black trim on the sides and the middle part of the back area. You can order this in one of six colors including red, yellow, blue and black.

It is also a little more than fifty pounds in weight. This is primarily to ensure that the chair will not shift around easily while you are using it.

A Great Fit

You can adjust the fit on this racing chair rather quickly. You can shift the seat forwards or backwards to give you enough legroom to reach the control pedals. The steering wheel control setup can also be moved forwards or backwards separately from the chair.

The back part of the chair can recline forwards and backwards. It helps you keep your back comfortable while providing you with a straight look at what’s on the screen.

The steering wheel panel can also be tilted up or down. It can be positioned at an angle that you are more comfort with depending on how you are sitting on the chair.

Flexible Controls

You can get the controls on the chair adjusted in many ways. The gear shifter can be mounted on the left or right-hand side. Just use the knobs on the base to adjust how the shifter is positioned.

After this, the pedals can be secured on the footrest area. A few slots are included around the footrest so you can secure the pedals carefully.

All of these features are supported with a series of legs all around the keep the chair from shifting while in use. It creates a comfortable body that isn’t hard to apply.

Works For All Systems

The Openwheeler chair will work for all kinds of racing control setups that are used on all major gaming consoles. It works for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles alike. It also works for PC use. Make sure the controls are secured around the body of the chair though.

The Openwheeler Advanced Racing Simulator will provide you with a great experience when playing all kinds of racing games. Check this model out if you’re looking for a seat that is easy to enjoy playing games with.

What Is the Best Gaming Chair For Racing?