The PlayStation 4 succeeded the PlayStation 3. However, some gamers out there are still using the PlayStation 3 as their console of choice. This is because most big gaming names are on this platform even when there is a bigger (and better) gaming console around. The games include racing games, role playing games, and arcade games. However, while the games are lovely on their own, the gaming experience goes several notches higher when you throw in a gaming chair.

There are many chairs to consider for the PlayStation 3. However, to eliminate the need to comb the web for the perfect chair, we made a list of the best five chairs you can look to for your gaming. They are all packed great features to really enhance your experience with the console. Also, they come at various prices to cater for the needs of everyone in need of a gaming chair.

X Rocker 51396

What is the Best Gaming Chair for PS3?

On many online platforms, the X Rocker 51396 will be a prominent feature. The chair has many benefits and is priced at a medium range of $250. While $250 seems like much, what you get in the chair is much more than that price.

First of all is the excellent sound system. The chair is packed with two speakers and a subwoofer to provide crisp surround sound when gaming. You can either link the console to the sound system of the chair with wires or wirelessly using the RCA technology. Either way, you get quality sound.

There is also the beauty and comfort levels of the chair which make it a great choice for many gamers on the PlayStation 3. It has cozy leather which encapsulates the gamer who intends to play for long hours. The pedestal is also a great addition to the chair.

X Rocker 5129101

What is the Best Gaming Chair for PS3?

The other chair to look out for is the X Rocker 5129101. The chair comes in at $202 which is almost $50 shy of the previous variant. While you are making savings for the chair, you are not making any compromises in quality and comfort in your gaming.

First of all, the sound quality from this chair is nothing compromised. You get two powerful speakers that combine with the subwoofer for the best sound experience. You can also connect the chair to the console’s sound system wirelessly.

The design of the chair is another point of strength for this chair. Rather than the leathery look of some chairs, this is having a tight frame that makes it have a clean look. It has a bright red central part that combines with the rest of the chair to look good in your living room.

X Rocker 51092

What is the Best Gaming Chair for PS3?

This chair borrows some design cues from the previous one but takes it a notch higher by employing a Spider-Man-like look. It costs just $169 yet packs many features some of which miss from the premium chairs. To many PlayStation 3 gamers, this could be the best gaming chair so far.

While you still get the surround sound occasioned by the two speakers and subwoofer that come with the chair, you also enjoy the presence of motors and vibrators embedded within the chair. These vibrators sync with the sound from the chair to give off vibrations that further bring the game to live.

Also of benefit is the fact that the design of the chair is one thing people will easily take note of. It has beautiful fabric on the back and bottom with a web-like approach. It ought to be known that the chair is one of the cheapest but with more features than the other ones.

X Rocker 5143601

What is the Best Gaming Chair for PS3?

While the other chairs focused on either fluffy leather or ambitious-looking fabric designs, this one deviates from that tradition and includes leather but with a stripped down design. It is quite a commendable chair given that it costs just $166 which is within reach of many gamers.

The sound is the one thing you will quickly smile about once you put the chair to the test. The premium surround sound is still possible even when you are paying almost $100 less than the previous chair.

As for the design, you get a chair with a solid pedestal and premium look (even when you are not paying a premium price for it). The arms for this chair can be even flicked backwards to provide you more room to do battle in God of War and other games. As for the comfort level, you will enjoy endless hours of gaming without getting tired.

Proxelle Video Game Chair

What is the Best Gaming Chair for PS3?

How about something different? Indeed, for $120, you can have the Proxelle Video Game Chair which is different in many ways. First of all, this price point is the cheapest on this list. If you want the chair that will not do damage to your bank, this is the one.

Secondly, there is the advantage of having the two speakers facing the front rather than the sides like in the other chairs. The sound is still the beautiful surround type that immerses you in the game.

Besides that, the chair has the advantage of being foldable. That means you can fold and stash it away once you have completed that difficult level in Resident Evil. It also saves on space when you can easily fold the chair away when you want living room for another purpose.

The other aspect about this chair worth a mention is the its general feel. Still deviating from the crowd is the fact that, while some chairs go for curves, the Proxelle Video Game Chair went for corners. That gives it a boxy look that will blow away your mind. Its lack of a pedestal is not an issue since it is the only chair that looks at home on the ground.

PlayStation 3 Considerations

To get the best chair for your PlayStation 3, you will need to consider several aspects beforehand. These will allow you avoid costly mistakes which may set you back in several hundreds of dollars but with a poor chair.

First, look at what you need in a gaming chair. Is it quality sound? Comfort? Wireless connection of peripherals? A pedestal? Whatever your main focus in a chair is, make that a priority and shop for a chair that meets your primary needs well.

Secondly, consider the quality of the chair. While a chair may have all you need, you may need to read several reviews from users who ACTUALLY own the chair to ensure that you don’t miss out on any issues the chair has.

Also, consider the price of the chair. While there are gaming chairs that may cost as much as the gaming console (or even more), you may need to look at their worth in terms of how well they meet your needs. Paying a lot may not necessarily mean getting what you are looking for in a gaming chair.

The chairs given here are all tested to prove their worth to gamers. Picking any one of them may at times boil to the price one is able to pay. While you can pick the cheapest option, you can also consider the premium chairs as they last longer and have better sound