Are you looking for the best gaming chair on a budget?

I’ve tested out a ton of chairs, and my favorite chairs to use are high-end ergonomic chairs, but these selected budget chairs for gaming are very good to use if you are low on cash but need a decent experience. Most of these chairs look sort of like DXRacer chairs (check out this best gaming chair 2017 guide on them) but are simpler, easier on the wallet, and not as giant.

Most of my chairs I selected are similar with slight variations, but I think these specific model types are very good since they are comfortable and have a decent price range of $50-150. If you have a higher budget for a gaming chair, check out this best ergonomic gaming chair article, or this best office chair article guide, if you just want a standard office chair guide.

Without further ado, here are some of my picks for the best budget gaming chairs in 2017!

Best Gaming Chair on a Budget

Essentials Racing Gaming Chair $181

Best Gaming Chair on a Budget

This chair is super comfy, looks great, and the best thing about it is that you can adjust the armrests to move out of the way.

I hardly ever see adjustable arms even in the highest priced ergo chairs, and as someone who doesn’t like to use armrests, this is why I’ve picked it as one of the best gaming chairs for people on a budget. Fortunately, the other chairs in this list all feature this option as well, which is a huge advantage in my opinion.

The chair features great contoured padding, a decently high-backed design with a headrest, height adjustments, recline adjustments, swivel, and a 250 LB weight capacity.

If you’re looking for a gaming desk too, this is a solid pick and goes well with the Essentials Racing Gaming Chair. Overall, the Essentials chair is good for a variety of people from big to small–and it’s a decent chair for rocking or long term gaming sessions.

Furmax Gaming Chair $95

Best Gaming Chair on a Budget

This chair is very similar to the Essentials chair but just cheaper. The essentials chair might be plusher and a bit for sturdy, but this is also a good budget gaming chair since has a lot of notable things that I like.

It has a huge weight limit (330 LBs), rocking ability, a good warranty program, and fold-up arms. I also really like the color scheme and the minimalist look of the chair as well. The head cut outs also look super sleek.

Giantex Executive Racing Gaming Chair $79.99

Best Gaming Chair on a Budget

The Giantex Executive Racing chair is a great budget gaming chair with a low price tag. It has excellent reviews, adjustable arms, a hefty weight capacity, and many people claim it’s just as a good as $400 options.

This chair comes with a few nifty color options, and it’s a good chair to get if you like the color orange (but it also comes in a few other colors).

Best Budget Gaming Chair Conclusion

These are some of the best budget gaming chairs that I could find! If you have more money to spend, I urge you to check out my best gaming chair 2017 article which has tons of information on higher-end chairs.

However, these chairs in this article are great for more casual use, and they aer all much better than what you probably have already!