If you spend time at your desk each day, you could have experienced back pain and general soreness on the body. You can avoid that by investing in an ergonomic office chair. The main problem barring people from buying ergonomic chairs has been the price. Most of these cost as much as $2000 which, to some, is not a sensible price for an office chair. However, for longevity and health purposes, they are totally worth it.

If, however, you worry about your health but are cash strapped, you can have a good ergonomic chair for as little as $300. Most of these come with the same features as their costlier counterparts but with some limitations.

Unless you are an expert at differentiating office chairs, you will not notice much difference between a chair at $300 and that at $1000 if you are not told of their price points beforehand. The following chairs will offer you the best combination of features and their prices.

#1 HON Nucleus Chair

What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300?

Although this ergonomic chair goes for $448 on Amazon, it has made it to our list due to the its great features and unique design construction that give it a unique aesthetic appeal. It is a simple chair that has premium features and lots of adjustments.

You can adjust the height of the chair, the angle of inclination and depression of the back, the arms and a few other aspects. It features a comfortable bottom and back that are springy and very comfortable to use for long periods of time. The chair also has wheels on its bottom that allow for ease of movement on a wide desk or to gain the right position at your workstation.

#2 Ancheer Chair

What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300?

For $231, you can have the Ancheer which comes with many features and colors. The normal office black is there but red is also on the menu for those who want it. For a few more dollars than the previous chairs, you get head support, a lower back support and many more adjustment positions. The chair features the beloved breathable mesh back which has now been replicated in the head rest for even more comfortable positions.

If one has had some hours before a desk they know that the lower back is among the first parts of the body to get tired. Lower back pain can be prevented well with this chair given that it comes with a dedicated lower back support. Even better is the fact that it too can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. So much at so little a price.

#3 Harmony Ergonomics Chair

What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300?

Setting you back by just $229 is the Harmony Ergonomics which comes in various colors including black, burgundy, and grey. Rather than going for breathable mesh, this one replaces that with breathable elastic material that is by far as comfortable as any office chair should be. Its design is also out of this world as the elastic material is extended to cover the whole back, bottom and even the headrest. It has also been contoured well enough to provide for lower back support. It has arms that can be easily adjusted to various positions.

For that price, you get a chair that is as unique as one can imagine. Also, the chair is crafted well enough to last for quite some time. The strap-like elastic materials are quite comfortable and thus the chair can be used for many hours without fatigue. You can also adjust many parts of the chair to suit your needs.

#4 Alera Elusion Chair

What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300?

Much like the Alera chair, the Elusion comes with more quality and comfort features. The price is still below $300 as it costs $214 and one of our best budget chairs. It features good quality materials and can thus be used for a longer period than the Alera chair.

First of all, the back is made of breathable mesh which is favored by many people owing to its beautiful look and ease of cleaning. Also, it offers a great way to work given that it allows for air circulation for comfort especially in a hot office space. The bottom is made of black fabric that is easy to clean.

The chair also has many levels of adjustment that makes it very comfortable to use for long periods. For that price, having these features is a great deal which many people will love to have in their chairs.

#5 Alera Chair

What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300?

The Alera costs just $154 yet has as many adjustments as its premium counterparts. The thing that sets apart premium chairs is the adjustment and the durability. However, while the premium chairs may last for about a decade, the cheaper variants may go about half the way. With the Alera chair, you get all the features found in premium chairs such as the high number of adjustments.

You can adjust just about anything you want on this chair. The height of the chair, the height of the back support, the angle of the back, the position of the armrests and many other parts. This allows for the ultimate position as desired by the user. You can rest assured that the $154 chair will offer as much comfort as as its costlier siblings and last for a considerably long time. If you use it daily, expect about five years from it. It can go longer with occasional usage.

#6 SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Chair

What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $300?

For a similar price to the Alera Elusion, the Space chair also offers a breathable mesh back in a gunmetal look that is awesome to behold. If one is in need of an office chair that does not cost a fortune yet saves their health and makes their office looks professional, the Space chair is what they need. As stated before, this price may not be enough to last the user a decade but by the end of the decade you’d have gotten another chair.

The important thing is having a comfortable chair that works as needed. It also features many levels of adjustment that will provide exactly what position one desires to be able to work in comfort. Those that have used this chair praise its ease of use especially making adjustments and moving about with its wheels. The price is another point of praise as it can be found for less than $200.


When going for an office chair, consider several aspects about it. For example, look at the number of adjustments you can put the chair to. The more the merrier as it means you can change the chair as much as you want. Also, consider the quality of the materials. Currently, there are no office chairs with clearly repulsive features such that they cannot be used. However, for chairs that cost a few hundred dollars, you better pick something that will look and (most importantly) feel good to use.

Lastly, consider the price. The price of a given chair will be determined by various aspects including the features and the quality of the materials. Avoid the very cheap chairs as they break easily and can damage your body when used for long. Spend as much as you value your health but only reasonably.