Are you looking for the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain? Here today I am going to talk about what makes an office chair give you back pain, and how you can overcome it with some recommendations and tips.

What causes back pain?

Put simply, a bad and cheap chair can cause back pain since most of them are not very adjustable, and the quality of materials is cheap. In some cases, you also might just have your setup not adjusted correctly, but if you have the right ergonomic position, as seen in the picture below, it might not be your fault… It could be your chair!

Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Back Pain

Cheap office chairs in the $100 region usually wear out in a year, and the cushioning doesn’t help at all for a sore rear or back. These chairs can come built differently, but the result is always a one-size-fits-all situation that doesn’t fit ALL. That’s because humans are all built differently. You could be tall, short, fat, skinny, have a long torso, long legs, etc.

What do cheap office chairs lack?

Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Back Pain

Cheap office chairs are OK for short sessions or someone who isn’t picky or experiencing back pain. But for the rest of us, after awhile, they don’t make the cut anymore.You might be experiencing this for the first time. Maybe you just started working at home, working at the office, or perhaps you just bought a brand new gaming PC and want to flesh out your “build” a little more. Whatever the case is, you don’t want to bother with back pain since once it starts, it often doesn’t go away very quickly and it can get worse leading to long term injuries.

Cheap office chairs that most people use, usually can move up or down, but you can’t adjust the seat depth (how far the seat goes forward or back), you can’t adjust the lumbar support (most cheap office chairs don’t have lumbar support), and there are countless other features present in high-end ergonomic chairs that alleviate back pain symptoms that cheap chairs just don’t have.

Why are ergonomic desk chairs so expensive?

Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Back Pain

So sure, we should all have ergonomic desk chairs, but the main reason people don’t get them is that they are so expensive. But let me give you a comparison. How much did you spend on your bed? How much did you spend on your car? How much did you spend on your refrigerator?

These all EXPENSIVE products and most of the time people aren’t afraid to invest some serious money into these categories because they know they won’t need to buy another one for a long time, and when you spend more money, you have less hassle and repairs. Plus the experience is just overall better.

A high-end ergonomic desk chair is NO different. Most high-end ergonomic desk chairs cost around $900-1000+, but all of these chairs in this category have 10+ year warranties, which means your chair is only around $7-8 a month for ten years. That’s the price of a burger or an expensive smoothie!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m sitting 8-12 hours a day, I’d rather have an amazing sitting experience without any back pain than have a greasy hamburger. Hell, you can have both–it’s not that big of a deal, is it?

So what is the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain?

Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Back Pain

Sure I could give you a ton of choices like I did in my best office chair guide, but for now, I won’t complicate things. Instead, I’ll just point you to my favorite option.

My nomination for the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain would be the Steelcase Leap. It has the best back support out of ANY chair out there. The Leap surpasses the Herman Miller Aeron, and countless other chairs since it just nails the perfect slant of the back and support for your spine.

You can recline, and the seat moves with you which keeps your back in a healthy alignment, but you can also feel and adjust the lumbar support to the perfect height to support your back. Also, you can customize the rest of the chair from the adjustable seat depth, chair height, arm height, and you can customize the force the chair “pushes” back when you lean back.

Check out our Steelcase Leap Review to see our full thoughts on the chair!

Buy Steelcase Leap

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